Out of Office app - official feature request thread


  • Jonathan Panka

    I Would like to add a message, to the trigger, but its not possible 

    Hi team,
    {{ticket.assignee.first_name}} is out of the office and one of his tickets has been updated. Can you watch it?
    The details are below:
  • Erica Sutherland

    This app seems to time out before all of an agent's tickets are updated. We currently have 17 agents who are ooo currently in the app and 1100 of their tickets are not tagged as agent_ooo. This seems like a massive loophole and is a pretty major workflow concern for us. I have a support ticket in for this issue as when we initially reported it this was not detected. If an agent is ooo, there should not be a timeout on how many of their tickets get updated with the agent_ooo tag. In the absence of that tag, none of the triggers related to the app unassigning tickets will work properly. 

    It's working for everything but solved tickets in most cases- so we aren't seeing nearly as many tickets get missed that are in a 'less than solved' status. 

  • Kalle Windefalk

    Please add the ability to schedule an agents out of office duration. 

    We have a trigger that put the ooo agent's ticket back to the default group/view upon ticket update for that agent. 

    We set all the tickets in on-hold for an agent on leave and if the (admin) forget to set the agent to available, all tickets are thrown back to the standard group and someone has to clean up the mess. =)

    This would be solved with a schedule function, setting the agent to available a certain date.  

  • Diana Hofer

    Please add the ability for roles other than Admins to override an Agent's OOO status. We would like Supervisors to have the ability to override OOO status but do not want to give them Admin access/permissions in order to do so.

  • Rudolph

    +1 to what Diana Hofer said. This is a daily headache for our team, and it would make this amazing app much more amazing to have the flexibility to control what roles can control other agents' availability.


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