Options to remove Decline call button & keep the call to be in queue


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    Martin Holmes
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Andrew, 

    Thanks for the feedback. I can confirm that if there is only one agent online and all other agents are offline, then the call will be disconnected or go into voicemail/overflow. But if there are other agents busy on a call, then the call will wait in the queue until those agents become available (or maximum queue wait time is reached). 

    Have you considered using the Call Overflow feature? It may help solve your use case - https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001900507-Managing-overflow-calls-and-after-hours-routing  

    There are no plans to disable/remove the Decline button in the call console (call accepting window). 


  • Andrew Chu

    Hi Martin,

    Thank for the revert. Your explanation is correct, if there are other agents then I think we're good. However the issue comes when we have just 1 agent available for the language.

    We also already looked at the Overflow call option, however it won't help in delivering our expected result, and it will be expensive too as when we do overflow there will be double charges.

    Hope you can do the design a function to put the caller back to queue if no one accepts the call. 

    I believe the Decline is used by other companies however for our team, can you perhaps make the change just specific for the Zendesk product we're using? Meaning the impact is to our team only.

    Hope this helps clarified

  • Carter Helm

    I agree we would like the ability to put the call back into queue, if an agent hits decline or is missed. We start our day in shifts where one person is working in the morning before everyone and one person is working at the end. It's not so constant we need another person on the phones that late but it is enough that customers get angry.


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