Need a link rate calculation


  • Mary Paez

    That is unfortunate as this is an important KCS measure.  When will we be able to report from multiple datasets?

  • Stephen Belleau
    Community Moderator

    @... - I think this is actually possible! 

    If you're using the Knowledge Capture dataset, you do have access to some Ticket attributes. There's a metric called % Article linking rate:

    D_COUNT(Linked article tickets)/DCOUNT_VALUES([Ticket ID])

    And then all you should need to do is add a filter for Ticket Status = Closed. 

  • Mary Paez

    To get the rate per agent, do I use the User role = agent?


    Seems I get alot of 100% linking rate values for the agents. I don't think it should be that high. What could be the issue?


    Also, if I use the Closed tickets (ticket status), and % resolution rate, the values are all zero.  Not sure why?


    I want to see the values: # closed tickets w KB vs # closed tickets for that timeframe.  I use both values in my link rate calculation


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