Ticket ID filter based on previous ticket update



  • Andre

    For fetching the ticket that ever changed to "High" priority, I'd suggest creating a trigger that adds a tag "changed_to_high".

    The condition of the trigger would be simple "priority" > "changed to" > "high". This would work only for new transition though.

  • Alfine Putra Dhanendra


    Thank you for your suggestion.

    I had thought of that but unfortunately, we're using macros to overwrite tags occasionally and there are too many of them to change to follow this idea.

    Any other suggestions that I can work on based on the explore query?

  • Chris Hoelzel


    Andre is on point on this one. Using tags to flag tickets that have had a high priority is the way to accomplish this. Unfortunately I am not aware of another method of getting what you are looking for here. It may be a good idea to update these macros to not clear all tags as they are very useful in reporting and other business rules. If these need to remove a single tag then adjusting the setup to remove only that tag would be the best option going forward.

    I apologize for any inconvenience!


    Chris H
    Technical Support Architect

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