Separate Permissions for Approve and Publish in Guide


  • Mary Paez

    I created a simple differentiation of the permissions that are needed. We would differentiate btwn KCS I, II, and III.

    The permissions would look like this at a high level:


  • Jonathan Chellis

    @... I like this, but would only grant any ability to publish to what you have as KCS III. Might also be a question of intended audience too - perhaps KCS II could publish articles that are only viewable by your org's agents and not to your end users/customers. This then would turn into a requirement for separate permission sets for who can publish articles with x or visibility settings, which... also isn't part of Guide.

    At least I'm glad I'm not the only one who needs more granular management permissions! 

  • Mary Paez

    I agree here.  Give us the ability to turn on and off the permissions we need to define the KCS Levels we need.  :)

  • Kalle Windefalk

    Totally agree!

    I would like to add the article states "not validated" and "validated" to @... table above. "Archive" is  in fact an KCS article state and all of them should be present. 

    Those article states should also be present in the article fpr all audiences.


  • Mary Paez

     I think every time an action is completed, the status change should be updated.  However, there is one action that is seems non-functional:  Submit for Review.  If this action is taken, it should send a notification to the individual that the article is assigned to. The status should be updated to "In Review".

    If an article In Review is approved, the status should be updated to "Ready to Publish".  If rejected, the status should go back to "Draft - In progress".  The statuses should reflect the actual state of an article.  

  • GDK

    I agree this would be extremely useful.

  • Adam Brown

    This is still an issue.... nearly 3 years later!


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