Assignment Control app - official feature request thread


  • Jennifer Eng

    It would be absolutely fantastic to have the Assignment Control app utilize a "Read-Only" option in addition to the "Hidden" groups.

    Use-Case: There are some groups we want to be assigned only via macro (T2 for example). We would like to avoid our T1 agents from manually selecting T2 in the Assignee field while addressing a ticket and have them utilize macros to do this instead.

    This helps us ensure that the additional settings from the macro are actioned on the ticket:

    • Adding/removing tags
    • Setting the ticket status
    • Setting a specific assignee within the group
    • Taking actions on other ticket fields
    • Etc.

    The majority of our agents properly utilize our macros in this use-case, but there are times when a macro is not used --allowing a ticket to get lost, or hold inaccurate data, etc. 

    If we attempted to use this app for this use-case as it is currently built, we'd be unable to.

    Example of why the app wouldn't work in its current state: If T2 is added to the "Hidden" groups of the app, and T1 was the "Targeted Group".

    T1 agent receives ticket and applies a T2 assignment a macro. Due to T2 being "Hidden" for T1 folks, the macro will take all actions set within it except for adjusting the group. So the T2 group is hidden overall from the T1 agent with this app, preventing even the macro from updating the group of a ticket separately.

    Note: It would be great to be able to set individual "Read-Only" groups within the Assignee field, as there are other cases where the agent needs to select a specific assignee within a group (ex: in a manager escalation the Managers group is applied via macro, but the agent still needs to choose the specific manager).

  • dschmidt

    Has anyone else seen an issue recently with the Assignment Control app where it activates immediately upon viewing a ticket, instead of only when the assignee drop-drown selection box is opened?

    The result is that when viewing a ticket that is already assigned to a hidden group (by trigger, macro, etc), the assignee field is changed to blank ("-"), and the ticket cannot be updated without reassigning it to a non-hidden group.

    This is happening for me in both Chrome and Edge.

  • Prateek Chhetri
    Hey dschmidt,
    This would be an expected behavior of the app.

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