Internal Chat function while using Zendesk Agent Workspace


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    Kolten Kittleson
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hello everyone,

    Multi-agent conversations is a feature we planning to address for Messaging, however it will not be something we plan to address for Chat. For those who need to allow for agent-to-agent collaboration, the use of Side Conversations is an option (which will allow multiple agents to provide public comments as well as work internally for quick collaboration). This will allow a space where agents can have a conversation with a group of people, or discuss a specific area of concern or course of action. 

    Those agents can use Slack or Microsoft Teams to create Side Conversations as a way to create the same agent connection for problem solving as well as escalation of issues. This should provide that much needed agent collaboration, but as always we are open to feedback to help provide data in support of creating features. 

  • mats

    Please, activate this function asap. Taking it away reduces the advantages with the Agent Workspace for customers with a lot of chats and a spreadout organization as in the current Covid-19 times.


  • Matt Frye

    Any Update to this, it is a critical function for us.

  • Preventium Health - Websays

    We need this too!


    This is a big issue for us too. We really wanted to use the Agent Workspace, but if our agents cant communicate with each other within Zendesk now, it's not worth using.

  • Ayush Upadhyay
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Everyone, 
    We currently do not have any plans to bring the agent to agent chat feature in Agent workspace.  I would recommend using chat tools like Slack or Google Chat in the meantime.

    We will however keep a close eye on this thread for new use cases and in case more customers ask for this.

  • Sarah

    I would like to ask for this feature to be brought back as well please. This was one of our main reasons to switch to Zendesk, so very disappointed to see this removed.

  • Ashley K

     I would also like for this feature to be brought back. This was an essential function we used prior to the new interface. 

  • James Constantino

    I hope Zendesk consider to bring this back soon. 

  • Ayush Upadhyay
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Thanks everyone!
    Noted on the feedback, within a ticket, we offer functionalities like Internal Notes and Side Conversations which would help agents interact with each other. 

    While there are still no plans to introduce this feature in near term, James Constantino Ashley K I would like to understand more on the use cases where an agent to agent chat is needed outside of a ticket. This should help plan for this better in our roadmap.


  • James Constantino

    Hi Aush, 

    Thank you for acknowledging the feedback. We are partnering with an outsourcing company for our frontline customer service team and BPO's have very strict implementation regarding information security, thus, agents and leaders alike aren't able to use external messaging applications.

    Thank you,


  • Jordan Moore


    There is no valid reason for it not to be on. 

    Once again, were faced with having to find some sort of cumbersome, subpar, app that doesnt do the job. Our internal team needs to chat and ask questions between our tiers of service desk. And we need to be able to track questions and support. My Tier 2 team assists with questions routinely with Tier 1. We need to be able to track the chats and to code them to understand which questions occur more frequently, so we can continue to expand our knowledgebase. 

    Someone with an ITIL background desperately needs to be working with Zendesk development. 

    I would add that THIS was one of the selling points of Zendesk, and its turned off. We're building a growing list of reasons to move to a different product. You all stopped innovating and developing in lieu of having vendors throw up a bunch of glued together mess in the app store. 

  • Jahn Bronilla
    Community Moderator
    Zendesk Luminary

    Hi Kolten Kittleson, any reason or logic behind the removal of this function and also not turning this back on?

    This is definitely a great way of working so please help us understand why we can't turn this feature back on? 

  • Rasmus Bogh

    Jordan Moore if you're still in need for a solution to this, we use Agent Chat within the agent workspace - which works great :-)


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