Feature Request: Add CC field to Web Widget


  • Paul Lawrence

    I agree.

    The previous version had the CC box for users. I use the Web Widget in applications and on webpages. My customers/users are always asking for the CC to be added back.


  • Joshua Selser

    Reasoning is: a form should be a form -- is there a reason it would be presented differently in the widget than on a site?  

    We are trying to direct our customer base to a site that isn't Guide-based and is more in line with what we're trying to present -- but they have no option to copy people which is a huge part of our workflow.  It must be done manually after the fact, and after some discussion and back-and-forth.  

    It is not clear to us why this feature would need a lot of thought or consideration.  

  • Soumaya Hamouda

    Hi ,

    any update about this??


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