Replace Set Tags with Remove All Tags


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    Gaurav Parbat
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Ryon,

    Thanks for the suggestion. I will take this up as a product enhancement on our side. I would also like to know if there are any scenarios where you would like to delete/remove tags through triggers or macros?

  • Stephen Belleau
    Community Moderator
    Zendesk Luminary

    I'm so on board with this suggestion! Either remove all tags, or at the very least, change it from "set tags" to "replace tags".

  • Sydney Neubauer

    Agreed! "Set Tags" has caused a lot of confusion among our teams. Specifically with Macros that anyone in our teams can create. 

    This would alleviate so much of our pain! Big upvote from us

  • Rudolph Beaton
    Zendesk Luminary

    Such a good idea! Death to "Set Tags"!

  • Ryon Maree

    Hey Gaurav Parbat,

    Yes, there is definitely a need for the ability to selectively remove or delete tags in all business rules including triggers and macros.

    We frequently run trigger or macro pairs that will have one add a tag and a later trigger remove the tag, for example.

    I do not have any use cases where the current 'set tags' is desirable, as this removes all existing tags (instead of selectively removing them) and adds new ones. Since I can imagine some Zendesk customers need this ability, I proposed replacing 'set tags' with 'remove all tags.' That name is a LOT more clear, and it could be combined with an 'add tags' action on triggers and macros so there would not be a functionality loss for any workflows deliberately using the current 'set tags' option.

  • Oliver Tietze

    I second the suggestion to CLEARLY distinct between "set tags" and "add tags". It's the same in other languages (German: "Stichwort hinzufügen" vs. "Stichwort festlegen"). 

    Alternatively, a double security added (popup saying "Are you really sure?") could help to prevent from mass destroying tickets, caused by quirky UI or stressed administrator when setting up triggers etc.

    It happens too often, also to experienced admins like me.


  • jvon
    Zendesk Luminary

    I think "Set Tags" may be better labeled as "Replace all tags with" 

    Couple related thoughts:

    • Remove the relationship between tags and custom field values (or hide the tags related to custom fields)
    • It would be great if as an admin I can permission who can use "Set Tags" or disable specific macro actions
    • It would also be nice if Rules/Automations could identify if tags were added/removed to the ticket rather than if they're currently present


  • Oliver Tietze

    That all is very good thoughts jvon. And yes, the dependency between tags and most custom fields makes sure that an unwanted "Set tags" will not only destroy tags, but rather the whole ticket. With no chance to restore what was lost (unless doing it manually ticket by ticket and reading the eventlog).

    (Does anybody know about an "undo" App, reverting al changes from an earlier change? This could turn out very very helpful. "Search for tickets where the tag XY was set, identify this change and then set all tags that were removed and vice versa".)

    API specialists to the front!



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