Zendesk Unity SDK 1.2.4 - GetRequestUpdates returns valid response only if ZendeskUI has been shown


  • Serj Lobov

    I will add some info:

    You can actually make proper responses by opening support UI, sending your request and then closing support UI. The problem is: the whole app stucks if you do that. Why? Still trying to figure it out

  • Serj Lobov

    For some hilarious reason if you Open-Close Zendesk Support UI the game will still be on pause, so you need manually call ZendeskMain.zendeskPauseHandler.ResumeApplicationInternal();

    So our temporary solution is the one above: you open support Ui, send your request, close support UI, resumes the game. This makes it update at least from second attempt (not immediately unfortunately) 

  • Eric Nelson
    Zendesk Developer Advocacy
    Hey Serj, 

    I'm syncing with the corresponding dev team to get some eyes on this. I'll touch base later this week with what I find. 
  • Maël N.

    We have the same issue and it is a critical feature for our use-case. This bug is making us reconsidering using Zendesk for the future.

  • Yuri Alfano

    Hello everyone,

    Thanks for your feedback. The behaviour you are experiencing is triggered by the caching.

    At the moment, for the current Unity SDK, ZendeskRequestUpdates get cached for up to an hour. Any subsequent calls within that timeframe will return the same cached object without querying the network.

    This won't be the case once we release the new Unity messaging SDK in a few months.
    However, we have collected your feedback and we are now discussing the opportunity to improve this also in the current one. We will follow up shortly.





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