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  • Katarzyna Kurzyńska - Madej
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Jean,

    Thank you for your feedback! Could you tell me a bit more about what kind of text messages you would like to send via the API and in what situations? 

    Also, it would be super-helpful to learn in what kind of communication you need MMS :)

    Thank you,


  • Jean-Luc Lamarche

    The workflow we use to send text messages is while we're using PandaDoc integration. When we submit a new quote, we send the direct link to open the quote to the prospect by text to increase open rate, as open rate is significantly higher by sms vs email, not to mention that a high email ratio goes to spam for hotmail/live/msn/outlook emails.

    Moreover, we send another text to connect with prospect as soon as quote gets viewed on PandaDoc to ask them if they have questions, as it's the perfect time to connect on their agenda.

    Regarding MMS use, lots of clients send us screenshots, serials, picture of an invoice, etc. What happens is that we don't receive anything and we end up receiving question marks by sms days later after not addressing customer issue. We have then to guess that we missed a picture message and tell them that our number can't receive images which sound very unprofessional.

  • Katarzyna Kurzyńska - Madej
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Thank you, Jean. It's super helpful.

    In the following months, we are planning to take a closer look at our SMS offering. However, as we don't have the exact plans yet, I can't tell you if or what we'll be releasing. 

    However, we'll make sure to keep your feedback in mind. :)

    Once again, thank you.


  • Monark Bhagat

    Adding ability to send SMS thru a sequence is also something ZD Sell should look into



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