How to create views for specific timeframe



  • Edwin Schukking

    Hi Khanh,

    May I ask you what the purpose of these views would be? 

    I am using views (Zendesk Support) to keep track of the active tickets and dashboards (Zendesk Explore) to keep track of tickets in any situation, for example tickets received last month.

  • Khanh Dinh

    Hi Edwin,

    It's for ticket tracking and exporting the tickets for reporting purposes, it's very important to us

    The zendesk explore doesn't help since our current tier does not allow to custom the report

  • Anne Ronalter
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hello Khanh,

    Thank you for your Feedback on that.

    The reason why there is no timeframe for views is due to the fact, that archived tickets are not included in views.

    You can find more details about this topic in the following article:
  • Khanh Dinh

    Hi Anne Ronalter,

    Thanks for the feedback,

    I read the article but I don't think I can understand it since the reason doesn't make sense to me.

    If so, is there any way I can collect the ticket list for a specific timeframe, such as last week, last month, or last year?

  • Gabriel Manlapig
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Khanh,
    There's no certain conditions in "Ticket Views" that we can apply or use to filter certain dates or timeframes, and it is not a good option for reporting purposes. Since views do not include archived tickets. You may notice a discrepancy between the number of ticket results shown in a view and the number shown in a ticket search with the same parameters.
    Your best bet is by using Explore to create a custom query and use the date and time filter either on the dashboard or the reporting query itself. Since your current tier does not allow you to create custom reporting, I think you may want to use the Advanced Search app to build complex search queries against tickets in Zendesk Support by using a form. The results are displayed in table form or can be exported as a CSV file. 

    For more information, please see this article on how to install and use this app - Installing and using the Advanced Search app. I hope this helps! Thank you! 
  • Khanh Dinh

    Hi Gabriel Manlapig,

    Thanks for the help,

    Looks like I have no further choice but using the Advanced Search as the only option here.

    So I will go with this selection.


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