How to set a condition for a trigger for X days passed since ticket assigned to XYZ group


  • Zsa Trias
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hello Alex, 

    This article may help: When using a custom date field as a trigger condition, what does "is within the previous" and "is within the next" do?

    If the date field is populated with the date today, the trigger condition "is within the next | 2" is not met. The trigger would have run if the date field is populated with the future date that's 2 days from now.

    Just to confirm, do you want the trigger action to fire after 2 days after the ticket has been assigned? 
    If so, you can probably use automations as they use time-based conditions.
    Reference: About automations and how they work

  • Alex C

    Hi Zsa Trias, yes, we want a tag to be added to a ticket 2 days after it was assigned to a specific group. So we can't use the condition for "hours since assigned" since that takes the first assignment ever as that assignment. I'll look at automations, I honestly didn't even try with them.


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