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  • Mark Johnson

    Hey Zendesk - we recently received a communication stating that IE would no longer be supported on any of Zendesks products from June 19. 

    I can see the Support user-guide has an explicit note about this ( but this one doesn't. 

    Can you confirm if it applies to Help Centre and Guide too? 

    Thanks :) 

  • Dru Kepple

    I have the exact same question as Mark.

    But also, I would like to say, "Please please pleeease drop IE support everywhere!"

  • Ben Koehler

    Hi Mark and Dru, The ending of support for the Explorer browser is specific to the agent interface. Users shouldn't have any issue accessing the help center.

    In the larger picture, it's worth noting that Microsoft has stopped supporting Internet Explorer, so that applications use and support across the web will likely decrease.

    Ben Koehler
    Customer Advocate

  • Dru Kepple

    Thank you for the clarification.

  • Pyaephyo Aung

    How is work

  • Jonathan Wharton

    I use an iPad mostly. When will admin pages be usable in either a) a mobile browser or b) made available via an app (I use Guide mainly).

  • Brett - Community Manager

    Hey Jonathan,

    I reached out to our internal team here and it doesn't look like this is currently on the roadmap. However, we appreciate you reaching out this is definitely something our mobile team are thinking about.

    Thanks again!


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