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The Microsoft Teams - Zendesk Support integration allows Microsoft Teams users to have read-access to their Support ticket views inside Microsoft Teams.

With this integration you can:

  • Add a ticket view in a Team channel tab
  • Select the ticket view to be displayed in the Zendesk tab
  • Add more than one ticket view in a Team channel

This article covers the following topics:

Requirements for setting up the integration

  • Any Zendesk Support plan
  • Microsoft Teams account

Installing and accessing the integration

The integration is installed from the Microsoft Teams channel.

To install the integration

  1. Click the + symbol in the Microsoft Teams channel where you want to place the view.
  2. On the Add a tab page, click on the Zendesk Support icon:
  3. Enter your subdomain and click Authenticate.
  4. When prompted, enter your credentials and allow the integration to access your Support account.
  5. Select the Ticket View you want to be displayed: 
  6. Click Save.

To access the integration

  1. In Microsoft Teams, click the Zendesk Support tab in the channel that the integration was set up in. You will be prompted to sign in to Zendesk Support:Screen_Shot_2017-02-22_at_10.14.55_AM.png
  2. Click Authenticate with Zendesk and allow the integration to access your account. You will now be able to access the ticket view in the Zendesk Support Tab. 

Deleting the integration

You can delete a ticket view, or the integration, if it is no longer useful to you.

To delete the integration

  1. Click the caret button beside the ticket view you want to remove.
  2. Click Remove.

Frequently Asked Questions

Other users in my organization cannot access the integration.

Only Zendesk Support agents have access to the integration. 

My custom fields for my ticket view aren't being displayed.

The integration only displays the default fields for a ticket view. 

I cannot see one of the ticket views I want to display.

The integration only displays the top 15 ticket views in your Support account. Reorder your ticket views so that the ticket view you want to display will be displayed on the top.

I'm trying to set up another ticket view in the same channel but I'm stuck in the authentication message while using the desktop client.

Go to another team and return back to the channel you would like to set up the integration, or restart Microsoft Teams and try setting up the integration again. This is an ongoing issue in Microsoft Teams that will be fixed in a future version.

Authentication fails when setting up the integration in Mac OS / Chrome Full-screen mode

Go out of full-screen mode and try to setup in the integration again. This is an ongoing issue in Microsoft Teams that will be fixed in the next version.


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    We love Zendesk -- and I am keen to start using Microsoft Teams in a collaborative environment. Based on what I see so far, though, the only thing this integration offers is a ticket view. I already have that in the browser. What good does it add in Microsoft Teams. For instance, if I click on a ticket in the view, it jumps me back to the browser anyway. If I want to comment on a ticket in Microsoft Teams, I have to first open it in the browser. What is the value-add I'm missing? I'm not seeing any functional improvement that integration with Teams offers me. I'm sure you put a lot of thought into this, so I'm sure I'm just missing it. Thanks! -DAVID

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    What I am missing - I am not seeing Zendesk in my Teams apps when I click the + sign :(


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    Hi Martin,

    As you can see below, you're also missing every other integration aside from Zendesk. I will reach out to Microsoft and ask them how they can help you enable 3rd party integrations.

    To speed things up, I'd highly suggest for you contact them as well to troubleshoot the issue.


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    So @Ian, how about some comments on how you expect Zendesk users will be able to take advantage of this integration. A mass view of tickets at any level, that must then be opened in the browser to get context -- with comments back in Teams, can't be right. What am I missing? Thanks!

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    Hi David,

    The initial intended use case was to allow agents to collaborate on important ticket views inside Teams. Interestingly, one of our beta customers set up multiple ticket views for each of their consultant that are lite agents and it worked well in their favor. 

    I understand that other customers may not have a value-add with the current integration. This was confirmed in our early beta tests.

    I appreciate your quick feedback at the start of the launch. We are now in the process in gathering more feedback so that we can enhance/pivot the current integration to provide the most value to our users.


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    Hi Martin,

    Here is the official reply of Microsoft. 

    Has the tenant admin enabled 3rd party integration?  That may explain why you don't see the integrations.



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    Hey Ian - is it possible to push just updates into Teams from Zendesk? I.e. I want to build a trigger that pushes a note into Teams when a ticket is created or updated under certain situations. Just like in Slack...

  • 1

    Hi Johann,


    1. Right click on the channel where you want to push ticket data to and click on connectors.
    2. Search for Zendesk
    3. Setup the Zendesk connector and select among the four optons when you want a ticket will be sent to Microsoft Teams.
    4. Modify the conditions of the triggers as necessary

    Here is a screencast on how to set it up.



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    Thanks Ian - sorry but I am unsure on how to execute 4. Modify the conditions -> how do I do that? I.e. I only want tickets pushed into Teams if created from a certain organization. Thanks again!

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    Hi Johann,

    The connector automatically creates triggers in your Zendesk Support account. You can add conditions to define the criteria when a ticket will be pushed to Microsoft Teams. I've added a screenshot below as an example of the trigger created by the Zendesk connector. You can see that I added a condition for "Ticket:Organization"




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    Great! Thanks heaps for clarifying!

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    Hi Ian,

    I have a question, if we setup more than one integration, how can i see which connector targets which channel? As you can see they all have the same name.

    Can you clarify on this?



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    Also a second question, when i want to delete the connector to the Microsoft Teams channel, how do I do this? In groups I can delete the channel connection in the group.

    I also did this for the connection in Teams (delete the connection from the associated group), but it seems that Zendesk keeps posting to the channel in Teams. Can i delete the connection at the Zendesk side? And where do I do this or where can I see the connectors that are shown in the post above?

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    You can delete the Connector by going into the Connectors setting for that tab and then go into Configured located in the left nav :

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    Suolon, thank you for your answer. I found the connector settings in the new Microsoft Teams UI. It was kind of difficult in the old UI to see where it was (selecting Configured first).

    I also found where you can rename the Connectors in Zendesk (my second question).

    Selecting Settings - Extensions displays all the O365 extensions. You can rename them there.

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