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Tags can be added to users and organizations and these tags can then be used in business rules to manage the ticket workflow and to restrict access to Help Center content.

Note: Tags are not available on the Essential plan.

Tagging users and organizations provides you with a way to add more data about each and then act on that data. For example, you can tag an organization or a user and then add the tag to a trigger to escalate the ticket to a specific support group.

A user's tags, and the tags of the organization to which they belong, are added to their tickets. In other words, if a user is tagged with manager and belongs to an organization tagged with premium, all the user's tickets will contain both of those tags.

You can add tags manually when adding or editing users and organizations, during a bulk import, via the Zendesk API, and via enterprise single sign-on (JWT and SAML). Agents and administrators can add tags to users, but only administrators can add tags to organizations.

User and organization tags can be used in business rules and they can be referenced as placeholders and as data in Liquid markup code.

Tags can also be used to restrict access to Help Center content (see Restricting access to knowledge base content and Restricting access to community content).

This article contains the following sections:

Enabling user and organization tagging

An administrator can enable user and organization tagging.

To enable user and organization tagging
  1. Click the Admin icon () in the sidebar, then select Customers.
  2. In the section Tags on users and organizations, click Enabled.
  3. Click Save Tab.
Note: If you want to add tags during a bulk import or via the Zendesk API, Remote Authentication, or SAML, you also must first enable this setting.

Adding tags to users and organizations

Tags can be added when manually adding or editing users and organizations, when bulk importing user and organization data, and via the Zendesk API, Remote Authentication, and SAML.

In your Zendesk Support, you add tags in the user's profile page and in the organization settings page. After signing in, users can view all tags associated with their profile by accessing the Help Center source code.

The user and organization tags are added to new tickets submitted after this feature has been enabled, not retroactively to a user's existing tickets. Also, these tags are only added when tickets are created, not when they're updated.

Note: If you change a ticket's requester to another user, the original requester's tags are removed and the new requester's tags are added.

For information about adding tags during bulk imports, see Bulk importing users and organizations.

For information about working with user and organization tags via the Zendesk API, see REST API: Users and REST API: Organizations.

Managing user and organization tags

You can view all of your user and organization tags, along with the details of how the tags are being used, and you can also remove tags from all the users and organizations to which they have been added.

To view user and organization tags

  1. Click the Admin icon () in the sidebar, then select People.
  2. Click the Tags link at the top.

    On this page you can see all the tags and how many times they've been added to users and organizations. You can also remove the tags from all the users and organizations to which the tags have been added. This page only displays user and organization tags, not the other tags that were added to tickets.

To remove tags from users and organizations
  1. Click the Admin icon () in the sidebar, then select People.
  2. Click the Tags link at the top.
  3. Locate the tag you want to remove and then click Remove.
  4. Confirm that you want to remove the tag and then click OK.
Note: Removing user and organization tags does not remove them from the tickets they have been added to. You can delete the tags from those tickets manually or just manage them out of your Zendesk Support as the tickets are closed.

User and organization tags in business rules

Since a user's tags (including their organization's tags) are added to their tickets, you can use these tags in business rules to automatically make changes to the ticket. For example, based on a user or organization tag, you can automatically assign tickets to a specific group, as in the following example.

These tags can of course be used in any business rules (automations, macros, triggers, and views) as well as reports.

Note: If a customer uses organization tags and any of those tags overlap with tags associated with drop-down custom organization field selections, this can cause problems, such as business rules firing unexpectedly. For example, say an organization has the tag "test", and there's also a custom drop-down organization field with a value in the pick-list with a tag value of "test" and another of "other." If there's a trigger set to assign a created ticket to a group when a custom field selection is "other" but the requester is in the organization with the "test" tag, the trigger won't fire because the organization tag "test" will be applied instead of "other", as only a single tag associated with a drop-down field can be present on a ticket at any given time. For general information about custom organization fields, see Adding custom fields to organizations.

User and organization tag placeholders

User and organization tags are available as placeholders. They are properties of the User and Organization data objects and can therefore be referenced as user properties. For example:

For more information, see Zendesk Support placeholders reference.

Searching for user and organization tags

You can always search for tags using the tags keyword, as in this example:
This search returns the tag 'premium' wherever it's been used , including in ticket details and in the forums.
Using the type keyword, you can narrow your search results to tickets that contain the tag.
type:ticket tags:premium

A search like this returns all tags (not just user or organization tags). There's currently no way to search for user and organization tags within a ticket separate from other tags that have been added to the ticket (via custom fields, auto tagging, business rules, or manually by an agent). You can of course create a user and organization tag naming scheme (for example, user_tag and org_tag) and then search for those.

However, since tags is also a property of both the User and Organization data objects, you can narrow your search results to just those objects by using the type keyword.

To search for organization tags, you can use a search statement like this:

type:organization tags:premium
To search for user tags, you can do this:
type:user tags:beta_user
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    We are very excited about this feature - but can you only add a tag by going in and editing the user account or is there a way to do it while still in a ticket?

  • 0


    Currently, the only way to add user tags is via the user profile. 

  • 0

    Adding tags to the user from the ticket would be really useful. You have "edit notes" there.

    This way it is little complicated to do.

  • 0

    As Sarah said being able to tag users from a ticket or using a trigger would be great!

  • 0

    I agree, need to be able to set up an automation to tag a user based on options selected in a ticket.

    e.g., user selects their country in a ticket drop-down which adds a tag to their profile so that they gain access to forums which have access restricted to users from that country!

    Please do this, it would be very useful.

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    I've added direct tagging as a feature request. I'd appreciate if ya'll can +1:

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    i followed the example, and put the same tag in user's profile as of the organization, but when i assumed the identity that forum didn't showed up. The role of user is end-user ; is this preventing




  • 0


    I tested this with an end-user. I restricted a forum using a tag and then added that tag to an end-user's profile and assumed that user's identity. It's working fine for me. If it's not working for you, please open a ticket. Thanks. 

  • 0

    Is there a way to give read access an organization a forum but only a selected individuals based on tag can edit it?

  • 0

    Hi Fisher,

    By 'edit' are you looking to allow certain end-users in an organization the ability to add comments to a topic? 

  • 0

    Hi Jill,

    By edit I want only certain users (using tag concept) to edit the article/content and allow rest of the users to only read the articles

  • 0

    Hi Fisher,

    Thanks for the clarification. The edit permissions are only at the 'article' level and are currently not available via tags. If you could post this with your use case to our Feature Request forum, this will allow our user community to vote on your idea. 

  • 0

    When multiple tags are used, only users that have all tags are granted access.

    Is there any way to do the same in an OR-construction? F.e. I have different users (clients, co-workers, suppliers, leads, etc.) and I want to have a forum accessible for co-workers and suppliers.

  • 0

    Hi Jasper,

    This is a great feature request. While we don't have this functionality yet, we would welcome your feedback in our Feature Request forum. In the meantime, you could create one unique tag for both your co-workers and suppliers to be able to access the forum in question. If you need any help with this, please don't hesitate to email us at

  • 0

    Hi, I'm wondering if there's a way to automatically tag certain types of users, like let's say we sent a special registration link to new customers that would allow them to create an account that had the "premium" tag or something like that.



  • 0

    @Dean The most effective way to organize tags for your users is with Remote Authentication ( or Bulk User Update (

  • 0

    Is there a way to use tags to prevent users from submitting tickets, but allow them to post in the forums? (Or some other method besides tags?)

  • 0

    @Marci Although you cannot restrict submitting tickets by tags, you can create a trigger that looks for tags of authorized people, and sends a "sorry, you can't submit tickets" to the people without the tag, then closes the ticket.

  • 0

    Im looking for a way for one of our agents to be able to filter forum posts by organization, so that he only views one at a time. Say for instance that today he is dealing with moderating a set of forums for an organization, since the number of org's forums will be expanding dramatically, we need a way for him to filter out org's forums that he is not dealing with. 

    Soon he will also be adding a project manager to moderate forums for a set of companies, and would like to segment the agents access.

  • 0

    @Jason. Cool ideas. Thank you for the workflow description. Seems like creating categories for each organization may do the trick. That way, your agent can stay in the forum articles that are relevant, then moving the articles that are not. The agents that are restricted to a certain organization will only see those articles.

    Only endusers restricted by tags (or restricted by org) to certain topics can filter only articles relevant to them. Unrestricted agents see all the forums, but can change the order when editing the top-level forum topic.

    Any of these work for you?

  • 0

    @Aaron, Thanks man. Those are great suggestions. Unfortunately we are using the category level to organize the many topics that we are amassing to house the forums, so that may be a no go there. 

    I am looking into the following possibilities:

    -Just training the Agent to recognize the little lock next to the forum topic to help him identify the forum's Org.

    -setting up emails for each company and using those emails to create "end-user" profiles that will allow him to login or even assume so he can filter that way.

    -Adding in company name to each forum topic

    -Somehow creating agents that are restricted to orgs, however this pretty much the same as the one above

  • 0

    Is there a way to view a complete list of all tags added to tickets and forums? The tag cloud is limited to the 100 most active tags and the manage tags settings is limited to the user and organization tags - is there a "view all" feature?

  • 0

    @Jason: Sounds like you have some good ideas. Let us know how your workflows tests go.

    @LaPorsha: Tag list (besides Manage > Tag) only available via API:

  • 0

    It would be great if the 'restrict access to a forum with tags' feature worked more like an "or" instead of an "and." In our application, we have two different user roles that are nearly similar but need access to different documentation. Sometimes these areas overlap, but I do not want to have to create a third tag/update ~2500 users just for that. Are there any workarounds or changes coming up that might accommodate this?

  • 0

    I'm trying to figure out how I can automatically assign tags to a ticket using trigger automations. More specifically, we're using the "Email forwarding" option so that agents can forward support requests to our ticketing system that arrive at our "General Mail" address.


    This feature works fine, but I'd like to setup a way to automatically CC the "General Mail" address to let others know we've replied to the customer if the ticket was created by an agent using the "Email forwarding" feature. Is that possible? I'm open to other solutions too.

  • 0

    @Sam. No known workarounds. You may want to restrict by organizations instead.

    @Tracy: Although there is no, "forwarded by agent" channel to set tags, you may want to have your agents forward to a "create ticket on behalf of" email address on your server, and forward that (or send directly) to a unique email address "".

    Automatic CCs to a ticket are only available for agent email addresses. Instead, you can use an email target (under Settings > Extensions), and have a notification sent as an action to a trigger.

  • 0

    I'm having an issue: I lost the ability to Tag organizations. My set up looks fine, from the Manage screen it looks like I still have 540 Organizations tagged, however, new tickets entered are not affiliating with the current organization - the tag is missing and it wont allow me to redo.


  • 0

    @Ivelisse: With support questions, always create a support ticket for a faster response. We are aware of the issue. Please create a ticket so you can be notified when the issue is resolved.

  • 0

    For forums restrictions, it would be actually very useful to make "ANY" not "ALL. ie:  "Restrict access to end-users and organizations with ANY of the following tags"

    The reason is that I might have a forum that should have access to "beta" and "partner" tags. I don't want to tag beta customers with the "partner" tag just so they can have access. 

  • 0


    Thanks for the feedback. I forwarded it to the Product Manager. 

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