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  • Andrew Evans

    I'm getting a lot of survey responses about our product versus how the support agent actually handled the interaction. Is there a good way to split that feedback out? Like a first box that says something like "How would you rate the PeopleMatter product that you called about today?" and THEN the "How would you rate the person that helped you in Support?"



  • Wilfred Hoogendoorn

    Hi guys,

    Maybe the answer is given already, but i have a lot of costumers who say that the link doesn't work. We are currently working with the URL shortcode. {{satisfaction.rating_url}}

    A great amount of users reports that the satisfaction link doesn't work. Is there any other way to get feedback with comments within the e-mail template? 

  • Jessie Schutz
    Zendesk Team Member

    Hey Wilfred! 

    The first thing that springs to mind here is that you probably have a trigger set up to close the ticket at the same time that the survey is sent out. Once the ticket is closed, a satisfaction rating can't be registered so the link won't work.

    Can you confirm whether this is the case in your setup?

  • Bill Cicchetti

    Is there any way to embed the fields that are in the pop-up webpage when you click on the "Good Im satisfied" and "Bad..." in the email so the user doesnt have to deal with another webpage.


    I know from personal experience when I get links like those that are being sent in the surveys,click on an option , and get presented with another webpage I feel like Ive been tricked into providing a simple "yes" "no" to additional info. Even if I don't want to add anything I still have to close out the webpage.  I then avoid that email from that ;point on.


    Id rather have the user the option to add the comments and reason for bad experience in the email if possible

  • Madison Davis
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Bill! Unfortunately the {{satisfaction.rating_section}} is a placeholder that by default opens a new window (as are the {{satisfaction.positive_rating_url}} and {{satisfaction.negative_rating_url}}). I definitely think that's valid feedback, though, and would recommend you post your use case in our product feedback forum! With the recent release of satisfaction reasons, it's easy to see how feedback about this particular feature has influenced development, so voicing your personal experience is highly recommended.

  • Angus Chan

    Hi Zendesk team,

    We are not setting up the satisfaction scroll and we found that the page opened by temporary link does not have the same look-and-feel of our current HelpCenter. Is there any way to change how the page looks like?

  • Becca
    Zendesk Team Member

    Hi Angus!

    I wish i had better news, however the Satisfaction Rating landing page end users are directed to when selecting the rating link is separate from Help Center and therefore not editable or impacted by your Help Center's theme and appearance.

    Our Product team however is in the process of improving the look and responsive of the satisfaction rating page and there should hopefully be noticeable improvements soon!  

  • Angus Chan

    Hi Rebecca,

    Thanks for getting back and I hope the function will be available soon. I found the satisfaction rating page of support.zendesk.com does look similar to that of your own HC so I believe you are already working on this :)

  • Lorin Rivers

    As an agent, I would love to be notified when a customer submits a satisfaction rating.

    As an admin, I’d love to be able to remove a bogus satisfaction rating—for example, when a customer of our customers doesn’t like the support they got from our customer, nothing I can do to make it better.

  • Paul

    The satisfaction reports are now limited to 90 days. Is there another option possible so i can get the reports from last year (instead of doing it in steps/filter to max 90 days)?

  • Wouter van Gessel


    • We are wondering why the email widget for the ratings don't include images?

    • In the community tip from Andrew Mills, there is a way to implement this. But we're afraid that it won't work with text-only clients, or SPAM filters?

    • What is the reason that you don't have images in the rating request by default? Expedia.com and booking.com do use this in their review email requests to guests for example, so it should be possible?



  • Ryan
    Zendesk Team Member

    Hi Wouter!

    Your second point is one of the main reasons why we stick to text only -- to maximize compatibility with email clients and to avoid any sort of formatting errors for our 91,000+ clients.

    The article you found is exactly where I would point you to for customization of those links -- It's been widely used and effective for many that have used that tip (though be aware, any user submitted tips aren't supported by us (or is support for any customizations), so use at your own discretion).

    Adding these images would be no worse than standard signature images -- but as you've indicated, may be something that MIGHT get filtered.

    If you're concerned about deliverability in general, I would point you to increasing the trustability of your emails in general (SPF and DKIM records would be the way) Here are two articles for that directly:


    so quick recap: We use plaintext to avoid formatting issues, but adding your own images shouldn't affect the email too much, anything non-plaintext may run into that (there is no 100% safeguard).

    Hope that helps! If you'd like expansion on this, feel free to reach out to us directly!


  • Wouter van Gessel

    Thanks for the clear reply!

  • Raulshipu

    Hi All


    I have a very important query :-

    I understand how surveys work and triggers etc. What I am looking for is :-

    Is there anyway we can track the average satisfaction rate for one particular customer instead of the whole queue. And can that be displayed at the account level.

    For example I have 500 customers but I want to see their individual Satisfaction Survey Percentage on the main account page where all tickets are visible.




  • Becca
    Zendesk Team Member

    Hi Raulshipu!

    While it is possible to get the satisfaction rating for an individual customer, it is not possible with default functionality to display it within the Support ticket interface. The closest option would be creating a dashboard and viewing in the Insights tab of the Reporting menus. 

    To create a satisfaction report of an individual your report could look something like this: 



    Here's our resource on Agent and end-user attributes

  • LW

    Hi - is there any way to send out the surveys at a random interval, rather than for every solved ticket? I would like to gather feedback without inundating end-users with a survey each time. Say for example, send the survey after every 10 tickets or choose a few random tickets a month to send the survey for.

  • Monica Aten

    Hi LW,

    I asked the same question and was told that there is no built in mechanism at this time to do so.

    Support found the following related discussions about the functionality you and I are looking for:

    I highly encourage you to vote for that request and then share your use case in the discussion.

  • Monique Foy

    Can you create the CSAT to go out based on brand?

  • Graeme Carmichael
    Community Moderator


    You can restrict your satisfaction ratings by modifying you trigger or automations to include the condition:

    • Brand is....XXXX

    So the survey will only be sent out for the matching brand.

  • Dale Adeva

    how do i prevent tickets from getting re-opened after Customer responds to the Survey?

    Currently all BAD and BAD with Comment Surveys are getting re-opened (since they came from SOLVED status) and when customer responds to the Survey. The ZD tickets gets re-opened on our End. Help! :D


  • Jessie Schutz
    Zendesk Team Member

    Hi Dale!

    You should be able to adjust your triggers to make sure that these tickets aren't re-opened.

  • Sergei Kuznetsov

    Hi there. I was wondering if it is possible to include the  {{satisfaction.rating_section}} placeholder into a signature macros so that it can be directly entered into a response?

    So far it seems that when this placeholder is entered into a macros it prompts the user to copy and past a link instead of the normal appearance.

    In other words it looks like: 


    How would you rate the support you received?

    You can copy the following URL into your browser to rate:



    Instead of 

    How would you rate the support you received?

    Good link

    Bad link.


    Any ideas?

  • Michelle Radeke

    Hi all.

    I was able to customize the links in the survey email to use different wording than the Good. I'm satisfied, Bad, I'm not satisfied default. However, the links the user is taken too still have the default text. Is there any way to customize the Good. I'm satisfied, Bad, I'm not satisfied buttons the user sees after clicking the survey link?

  • Jessie Schutz
    Zendesk Team Member

    Hi Sergei!

    It's not possible to add those placeholders to a ticket macro - they only work when added as part of the email notifications that are sent out to your customers via trigger or automation.

    Can you go into more detail about why you want to add that information to an agent signature? We might be able to find another solution.

  • Amie Brennan

    Hi Michelle,

    At present there is no way to customize the satisfaction surveys or their corresponding URL's like you are trying to achieve here. This feature is not designed to be customized in this way at this point in time. We recommend you submit a feature request for this here in our product feedback community. :)

  • Anatoliy Dobrynskyy

    Can I put satisfaction links into the signature? So you don't have to send out another email to the customer?

  • Satyam Kumar Upadhyay

    I am on the professional edition and I am able to send different CSAT surveys for the diffrent organisation but in every case, temporary URL mentions the name of the registered parent organisation. 

    Is there any way it can be masked or changed?

  • Jessie Schutz
    Zendesk Team Member

    Welcome to the Community, Anatolly!

    I did some testing on my end to confirm, and I was able to find out that the CSAT placeholders will not show up in agent signatures. I also double checked, and the CSAT placeholders don't render properly in macros either. So I'm afraid that the separate email is the only option. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news!

  • tntransportation



    You can make a Trigger that is only for tickets in which the status has changed to Solved. So all your other communications on the request can be handled with a different Trigger, without offering satisfaction.

    I like this better than sending a separate email with the rating option

  • Jessica

    Is it possible to turn off the satisfaction survey to specific customers/users?


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