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    Peter Griffith

    This question doesn't seem to have been updated since the new search came out so I am going to check again: can I search for users that are not assigned to an organization?

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    Niall Colfer

    Hi Peter,

    You can indeed, by using the search operator 'organization:none'. This applies equally to the user search as above, and the full Zendesk search. You can read a bit more about it at

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    Liang Dai

    Hi All,

    We are interested in learning how you, Zendesk customers, use the Zendesk search in your work to help us continue enhancing and improving this feature.

    If you and your team are interested in sharing how search supports your work and are available for talking to us, please sign up using the form here.

    We will follow up from there if we find a match to our study. Due to limited resource available, we may not be able to cover all customers. 


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    Vanessa Beavers

    Is there a way to search for duplicate end users in Zendesk?  We've got end users getting pulled in via API and end users emailing our company directly and at times, it results in a duplicate end user being created.  I'd like to be able to easily run a search every so often to get these cleaned up.  Suggestions?

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    Justin Smith

    Hey Vanessa!

    Zendesk uses the email of the requester to link user information together and no two users in a Zendesk can have the same email address, so there shouldn't be exactly duplicate users in the account.  If for some reason there really is multiple users being created with the same exact email or phone number, let us know as that could point to an issue with user creation in your account.

    Users may have the same name, but their contact information (email, phone #, etc) should be different.  You can direct the search a bit to just their name by using (name: "insert name here") in the search field.  If you find two users with the same name but different contact information, I'd suggest merging the two together from their user profile page so any subsequent interactions from them will all be linked to the same user account.

    I hope that helps!

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    Mike Abrahamson

    I am having trouble searching for organizations based on custom Org field values.  I created a custom drop-down whose field key is org_type and applied one of the values to several orgs.  However I get no results when I search using "org_type:agency", for example.

    Should I submit a ticket about this?

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    Shannon Anahata

    @Mike. It does sound like you're doing everything correctly. We'll need to take a look at your account to verify what might be going wrong, so yes, please submit a ticket and we'll go from there. Thanks!

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    Mike Abrahamson

    I figured out the problem.  I was trying to use the search option on the People screen rather than the main search bar at the top.  It works when using the main search bar.

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    Jessie Schutz

    Thanks for coming back and letting us know, Mike!

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    Leslie Mendonca (Edited )

    What is the query to find all organizations with or without a domain. Is it possible get all the domains associated with it too?

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    Jessie Schutz

    Hey Leslie!

    You should be able to pull that information using our API!

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    Chris Nicholson-Doyle

    How do you search on Twitter or Facebook handle from the Search bar?

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    Hi Chris,

    Regretfully, it's not possible to search for users based on their Twitter or Facebook handle right now. I'd recommend sharing your feedback in our Product Feedback forum to bring more visibility to this request.

    You can search for tickets created via those channels by searching for via:twitter or via:facebook, which may help make those users easier to find. 

    I hope this helps!

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