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To receive support requests from your customers at an external email address (instead of your Zendesk Support email address), you need to forward email received at your external email address to an email address in your Zendesk account.

Note: The information in this article applies only to support requests from end-users. Automated support requests are not permitted through the email channel.

You configure email forwarding in your own email account, not in Zendesk Support. Exactly how this is done depends on the email provider you're using. A number of email providers allow you to create email forwarding rules so that you can select the incoming mail that should be forwarded to your Zendesk account.

Note: Be sure to set up automatic forwarding, as described in this section, rather than manually forwarding. Manually forwarding an email that originates from an external support address will result in a suspended ticket.

After you set up forwarding, make sure you've added your external email address as a Zendesk Support address (see Adding support addresses for users to submit tickets). When you add your support address, your email will be verified and you'll know whether you've set up email forwarding properly.

Note: After resolving any issues with the forwarding verification, you must perform the forwarding check again. If you resolve the forwarding issue, but do not retry the forwarding check, tickets submitted to the email address will create tickets, but will not send Zendesk Support notification emails.

Optionally, you can edit or create an SPF record to verify that Zendesk Support can send email on behalf of your email server (see Setting up SPF for Zendesk to send email on behalf of your email domain). You can also digitally sign the outbound email from Zendesk. See Digitally signing your email with DKIM or DMARC.

Follow the steps for your email provider to set up forwarding.

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    Hi - 

    We use Google Apps and have our standard support Gmail account set up to sync to Zendesk. That all works like a breeze.

    However, we are looking to add a Gmail email group that is currently used by our training department to Zendesk to help streamline the conversation process. We've configured the forwarding settings following the directions linked to in this article but the forwarding checks continue to fail on the Zendesk side. Is this something Zendesk can help solve or is this something I would need to follow up with Google about? 


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    Hey, Phil - 

    We don't currently have strong support for Google Groups. We don't really recommend using a google group as a support address, since it adds lots of confusion to who has received what emails, and opens up the possibility of mail loops that we can't always prevent. For example, what happens if someone else in the group is a CC on the ticket?

    I'm not sure why the forwarding detection isn't working (it should in theory). Have you reached out to our support team?

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    Thanks Max. I haven't contacted support yet, as I thought I would start here for answers and see what the community had to share. 

    Those are good points about the Google Group and we'll definitely take that into consideration. The email loop is a large part of the reason we wanted to bring it into Zendesk to provide some level of tracking capability.

    Thanks for the response. 

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    Hi Phil, 

    Currently I'm using Google Group support e-mail to receive all incoming requests. From our side that's done in order we don't lose any e-mail sent from customer, and by the way, our developers are monitoring requests in the e-mails. 

    Configuring Google Group for Zendesk works similar to the regular gmail forwarding, just subscribe to the group you use (supposedly and configure SPF for it (still I'd recommend setting up DKIM as well).

    After that everything would work without any problems (except you'll get duplicated notifications from Zendesk that a new ticket appears. 


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    Hi there,


    I have perhaps a unique situation, where all I want is for the initial email that is sent when a user is created to be sent from a different email address. I specifically do not want that address to forward to Zendesk, but i would like all outgoing Zendesk emails to use that address. Is this possible?

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    Hey, David - 

    That does seem unique to me. What's the reason behind this? If we send an email and populate the From and Reply-to headers with your email address, but you don't forward those emails to us, how do the replies keep the ticket conversation going?

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    The idea came after I added coworkers as end users, and they received the email to create a password and log in. Our IT man thought it was a virus and told everyone not to open it.

    The idea was to have the welcome mail come from a familiar email address to avoid this situation for future users. And since this is an email that no one needs to respond to, it shouldn't make a difference.

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    Hey, David - 

    It should come from one of your own addresses if you set up a default support address. Other than that, no, we won't send any email from an address that you haven't forwarded to us. Something to think about for sure, but right now it hasn't come up from anywhere else.

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    Hi, would the "Custom Domain for DKIM" option help us here?

    I'll emphasize again that we are not interested in having tickets created when emails come to the external address, but we would like it to be the "From" address when we send out messages from Zendesk.



    Edited by David
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    Hi, David - 

    No, that wouldn't do anything to allow us to send on your behalf. At the moment the only way we're set up to send email "from" your address is if you set up forwarding.

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