Why Facebook private messages may not populate to a Zendesk ticket Follow

Issue Symptoms


  1. A private conversation between a Facebook user and your business page does not create a ticket or
  2. An individual reply either from the Facebook user or made by a Facebook page administrator outside of Support does not appear in the Support ticket.


Missing Tickets

If the messages for certain conversations are not creating tickets in Support but others are working as expected, the user likely has disabled access by 3rd-party apps as discussed in this article.

Individual Replies Missing

Alternatively, if individual replies are not showing, the conversation was likely archived on Facebook.


Missing Tickets

To continue conversations with users who have disabled access by 3rd-party apps, a Facebook page admin will likely have to reply to the user directly on Facebook. If the user changes their Facebook permissions in the future, messages after that point should pull in successfully.

Missing Replies

Encourage Facebook page administrators to not archive conversations so quickly. The replies should pull over in a matter of minutes, but archiving a conversation immediately after a reply can cause for the comments to not arrive in the Support ticket.

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