Understanding your reporting options

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  • Zeb Stiles

    This article has been updated a couple times now seemingly only moments ago.  So maybe you are addressing this:

    We have been a ZD customer for ~7 years now on the "plus" plan and have had access to Gooddata reports, which changed to "Insights" and is now completely gone.  We have ~100 reports that exist there and no way to access to them. Now if I don't upgrade to "explore", which requires a plan upgrade, are my reports lost?  Was there any notification that this transition was going to happen?

    I am feeling like my reporting system is being held hostage at the moment.

  • Madison Davis

    Hi Zeb! I'm sorry to hear this is happening, but I don't think what you're seeing is intended. We don't have any plans to sunset Insights/GoodData at this point (see https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002032327-The-future-of-reporting-for-Zendesk-products). I'm going to create a ticket for you so we can investigate why you've lost access!


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