Adding time and date calculated metrics

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  • Hillary Latham
    Community Moderator

    How can I do something similar for a metric like COUNTS (Ticket)?  I want to have columns that are rolling variable date ranges - so not last year, but last 12 months.  Not last half year, but last 6 months.  Is that possible.  Per the above instructions, the metric i'm using isn't date based, so I can't choose it when trying what is laid out in this article.  Thanks.

  • James Molina

    Hi Rob, is there another resource that explains how to create Month To Date This Year (MTDTY) and Month To Date Last Year (MTDLY) time based metrics?  Trying to build a query with these two vales for solved tickets with a % difference.

  • Rob Stack
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Hi James, unfortunately, there isn't an article that explains how to do this. I'd recommend as a first option to try posting this in our community forums. There are some very knowledgeable folks in there who might be able to suggest a way of accomplishing this. I hope this helps!

  • Andy R

    Time Comparison Metric is poorly documented. I want to create a Year over Year ticket increase calculation

    That means todays date and 12 months back, compared to the previous period and so on.

    How can I achieve this?


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