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  • Josh Decker


    I am new to Explore so I apologize in advance for the rookie questions :).

    In step 3, you mentioned the dataset Support: Tickets but the screenshot shows Support: Ticket Events. As the only option is the Support: Ticket Events as far as datasets go, I did select that one but unless I am missing it, there is no first reply option when I search for it when trying to add a new metric. What am I missing? Thanks!


  • Jessica Blake
    Zendesk team member

    Hi Josh,

    Thanks for pointing that out for us! It looks like Explore has changed a little since this article was originally written.

    You'll need to use the data set 'Support: Tickets, Users, Organizations' to find the first reply time metric. Please note in Step 5 you're also looking for 'Ticket Created - Day of Week', not 'Ticket Created - Weekday'.

    I'll speak to our documentation team and get this updated now! Thanks again.

  • Josh Decker

    Thank you for the clarification.

    I added this to a clone of the default Support dashboard--if I want the heat map to change and reflect numbers by ticket group when I filter by ticket group, what do I do to make that happen? Right now the numbers stay the same regardless of whether or not I filter by ticket group. Thanks!

  • Gabriel Manlapig

    Hello Josh,

    Are you using the filter inside your report queries or have you added the data filter on your dashboard to filter the report per group? I tried to create the same report and use the data filter "Ticket Group" on the dashboard and the data get updated when I select certain group and all groups.

    For reference please see sample screenshot below:


    Thank you,

  • Fiona

    Edit: I found out why it wasn't showing, but it's now how it shows in this article - it says 'colour' rather than being an icon.


    Where is colour-encoding? I don't see it where it shows in the screenshot in the article.



  • Jessica Blake
    Zendesk team member

    Hi Fiona,

    Color encoding should show up per my screenshot:

    Is it showing differently for you? I'm not sure what you mean about it showing an icon. I want to make sure this recipe is easy to follow which is why I'm checking with you. 

  • Fiona

    Sorry for the confusion!

    I was looking for it here:


    I've seen realised which icons you're talking about but they are so faint that I had never noticed them until now. 

    Sorry about that, Jessica! My bad


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