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  • Tsvetan Marinov


    I have added a time filter to my dashboard, but for some reason I cannot set a default values to it?

    I am clicking on Publish button, but each time when I go to Preview or reload the page it reset to the date filter and it shows all history which is not what I want.

    However I can see that on the predefined dashboards for Overview and Efficiency the Date filter have predefined search. Could you please advise how I can achieve that on my dashboard as well?




  • Andrew Forbes

    Hi Tsvetan,


    This result was achieved by using a Bookmark filter. You can read more about how to use Bookmarks in Explore here


    Essentially the process is as follows:

    1. Filter to a timeframe 

    2. Capture this timeframe as the default using the Bookmark

    3. Hide the Bookmark widget from the dashboard


    With that, your dashboard will default to a specific timeframe each time you open it :) 

  • Tsvetan Marinov

    Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for the provided information. I will definitely try it out.



  • Judd Higgins

    Andrew, this will not work.


    I need users to see the Bookmarks to sort as they wish when the view the Dashboard.


    I need to set the Default date to "Last Week" so that when I deliver this each Monday morning, the viewers see data from Last Week and then can go to the Dashboard and use the Bookmarks to modify the filters.


    We really need an option in the Dashboard for setting a Default Time Frame.

  • Justin Federico

    Is there an option to set the week format? The default is Mon - Sun. We would like to report on Sun - Sat when we are setting the date range for "Last week".

  • Molly
    Zendesk Customer Success

    Hey Judd,

    You don't have to hide the Bookmark on the dashboard, you can leave it visible and allow your agents to toggle between different options. At this time that's the only way to have a default time filter. 

    Hey Justin,

    Yes, you can update the week format by navigating the Data Structure menu, finding the attribute, and creating an ordered set:

    Then ordering them how you want:

    After saving, you'll need to select the newly ordered attribute from the list rather than the default. More about that here: Explore recipe: Using renamed and ordered sets to change displayed values

  • Justin Federico


    Thanks very much for this but I need to go further. I have a query showing tickets updated by week of the year. Based on the range I selected I can see that the week format is Mon-Sun, ending on Sun 3/24. Is there a way to accomplish the week format change if my query is showing more than a single week?


    I applied the new attribute to a test query and the columns are now sorted Sun-Sat. The problem is that all this did was reorder the data. The date range is still 3/18-3/24. I was expecting it to be 3/17-3/23.

  • Justin Federico

    Has anyone figured a way to change the week format for a date range filter? The screenshot shows the filter I have set for the previous week. You can see from the dates that this is looking at Mon-Sun. In GoodData we had the ability to select a Sun-Mon format.

    It's hard to completely move to Explore with these types of limitations.

  • Andy Killingsworth

    Hey, Justin!

    Thanks for the question. Explore doesn't have the same native Sun-Sat format as Insights, but we do have a solid workaround. 

    You can build a standard calculated attribute that sorts ticket dates in whichever week you'd like, such as the "week" starting on Sunday. For more details on creating that query, please see our Explore recipe: Using a Sunday to Saturday week attribute.

  • Sarah


    The date format is dd/mm/yyyy when using the dashboard, however once I export the same dashboard to a PDF the date range changes to mm/dd/yyyy. How can I change so it's consistently dd/mm/yyyy?



  • Landy Zamor

    My 'Apply' button is missing. I can't save my changes to the date field. How can I bring it back?

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Landy,

    Any chance you could provide a screenshot of what you see on your end?

    Are you able to replicate this from another browser as well?

    Let me know!

  • Ryad-Malik MEFTAHI



    I am also trying to set a default time range filter to last week.

    I tried to solution of using a bookmark to capture the current state (with the last week filter set) but it doesn't work, when you open to dashboard no bookmark are selected, the question then become how to set a default bookmark.


    Also my bookmark widget seems broken, I can't name my bookmarks, they must be named New bookmark and I can't seem to change this, i am only able to rename to widget title (bookmark)


    This is what I see when I click to edit the bookmark widget : 


    Thank you for your help!



  • Devan - Community Manager
    Zendesk Community Team

    Ryad-Malik MEFTAHI,

    I've opened up a ticket for you since this looks like it might be a bug and should receive a response from one of our advocates shortly. Let us know if there is anything else we can help you with.

    Best regards. 

  • Sriram Prakash


    When I use the Last week filter it is showing different data compared to specifying the date range.

    For example, starting date is 10/4/2020 and ending date is 10/10/2020.  When I pick last week, it shows the same date range but the values are different.

    Can someone help me understand how this works?

    Thank you so much for any insight.

    Best wishes..

  • Chandra Robrock
    Community Moderator

    Hi Sriram Prakash! I'd love to see if I can help.

    By default, Zendesk should be reporting on weeks using Monday as the first day of the week. However, it sounds like you're seeing tickets from Sunday, October 4th through Saturday, October 10th, even when filtering your query by the Last Week time-range. Is that correct?

    If so, would you mind sharing a screenshot of the exact Explore query and filters you're using so that I can help take a closer look? 

  • Judd Higgins

    Chandra  Yes, I've been noticing this too for quite some time.  I finally put in a ticket to Support.  My ticket number is #5974249

    Here are my examples:

    I noticed this starting a few months ago.  In ALL Exlpore Dashboards, when choosing Last Week or This Week, the week starts on a Sunday, rather than Monday, when it is supposed to start.
    This occurs in Zendesk's default Precanned Dashboards as well as my own.
    See screenshots below
    Zendesk's PreCanned Support Dashboard:
  • Chandra Robrock
    Community Moderator

    Hi Judd Higgins - that's a great point! I realize now that my previous comment wasn't clear as I was specifically referring to filtering by Last Week within an Explore query, rather than filtering an entire Explore Dashboard by Last Week. Sorry about that!

    I would think the Last Week logic should be the same in both cases, but I couldn't find a help document in which that specific Date Filter range was defined. In the meantime, I can confirm that I was able to reproduce this within my own Zendesk instance, so you'll be in great hands with Zendesk's Support team.

  • Sriram Prakash

    Hi Chandra Robrock

    Here is an example with screen shots, between how the Query and the filter in the dashboard works.  The total seems to be the same, but it is awkward how the value is the same if the dates are realigned.

  • Chandra Robrock
    Community Moderator

    Thanks for sending along these screenshots, Sriram Prakash! This sounds similar to what Judd Higgins and.I were speaking about. 

    For instance, if you compare the dates on your Explore dashboard, it appears that Zendesk is looking at 10/4 through 10/10 (Sunday through Saturday) for "Past Week." However, when you filter by "Past Week" within an individual Explore query, Zendesk is looking at tickets created between 10/5 through 10/11 (Monday through Sunday). 

    While I couldn't confirm anything on Zendesk's Help Center that states whether it's intended for the Explore dashboard date filter to use Sunday as the start of the week, I do know that Zendesk uses Monday as the start date for filtering by week within an individual Explore query. At my company, I use this Explore Attribute recipe to allow for a bit more control over this when analyzing ticket data by week.  

    I also spotted this community post and it sounds like Zendesk is planning to allow customers to select which day of the week your report starts on within Explore in the future. I'd recommend following this thread to stay in the loop on the status of this feature request.

  • Xander Harney

    Hello !

    Is there an option that would allow me to set the date for the start and end of the month as the 29th?
    I am trying to create an Answer Bot query that shows the number of resolutions per billing month instead of calendar month. (billing month starts on the 29th)

    eg. Period 1 = September 29th to October  29th
    Period 2 = October 29th to November 29th

    Would you have any advice on what tutorials or topics I should look into?


  • Dominic CX


    I have the same problem as some else above.

    When I try to set a date rang,  I am clicking on Publish button, but each time when I go to Preview or reload the page it reset to the date filter and it shows all history which is not what I want.

    However I can see that on the predefined dashboards for Overview and Efficiency the Date filter have predefined search. Could you please advise how I can achieve that on my dashboard as well?

    I have tried adding a bookmark to save the filters, but that doesn't work either. How can I achieve this result?




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