Routing chats based on agent skills

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  • Jesper Rosendal

    Hi there, 

    I have a couple of questions regarding chat routing:

    1: Is it possible for agents to decline a routed chat if they're busy handling another chat? I know that it's possible to set chat limits, however it would be ideal for us to be able to decline a routed chat like you can using Zendesk Talk. 

    2: I would like to be able to manage which fall-back group a routed chat falls in to, when it's not being picked up by my employees. It seems to me that the system automatically chooses who to assign an unanswered chat to. It would be nice to be able to create groups like with Zendesk Talk, so if a chat isn't picked up, it would go back to a specific group and could be picked up manually like the Broadcast routing mode. 

    3: As we use both Zendesk Talk, and Zopim chat, it would be nice if the two systems talked together and would set agents as unavailable on chat if they're handling a call in Zendesk Voice. Currently my agents have to set themselves as unavailable when handling one or the other. (Zendesk Talk and Chat). 

    4: Is there a way to do both Broadcast routing mode and assigned routing mode, or is does it only work one way or the other? As described above, it would be perfect if routed unanswered chats could end up as "incoming" chats for the whole team to see and manually pick them up afterwards. 

  • Mark Moran

    Can I use skills-based routing in conjunction with departments and procactive chats?

    For example, I want a dedicated agent to ONLY handle proactive chats on our sales pages. 

    This means I dont not want that agent assisting general sales enquires and only to chat to customers who we proactively chat to 


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