What is a non-answered call?

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  • Bruno Menezes

    Hi Taylor,

    Do these non-answered calls generate tickets in Zendesk?

  • Dave Dyson
    Hi Bruno,
    No, tickets will not be generated from "non-answered calls" as defined here.
  • Is there a way to determine if the "non-answered calls" were outbound or inbound?

  • Jason Schaeffer
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Chris,

    non-answered calls are calls not answered by the agent or customer. This can be an outbound or inbound call. It can be simply a failed outbound call, or a call missed by an agent. 

    As for determining which would be the case in any given call, since they do not create a ticket in Zendesk, you would have to look at the call history itself to determine the type of call. 
    There is more information on that below:
    I hope that helps!
  • Jack Davis

    How is a "non-answered call" not an abandoned call? I can see non-answered in the context of an outbound call, but if someone is on hold waiting for an agent and hangs up or is disconnected, would that not be considered abandoned? 

  • Zsa Trias
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hello Jack,

    If the user was on-hold and disconnects, that should be an "abandoned call" in Explore as it is one of the call stages mentioned below: 

    Abandoned calls
    The number of calls that were abandoned while in your IVR, queue, voicemail, or on-hold.
    IF ([Call completion status]="Abandoned In IVR" OR [Call completion status]="Abandoned In queue" OR [Call completion status]="Abandoned In voicemail" OR [Call completion status]="Abandoned in on-hold" ) THEN [Call ID] ENDIF

    Call completion status

    Indicates how the call was completed. Values are Abandoned in IVR, Abandoned in queue, Abandoned in voicemail, Abandoned in on-hold, Completed, and Not answered. Completed means that the call was successful and the end user was connected with the agent or the call was directed to voicemail or forwarded to an external number.

    Not answered means that the call wasn’t successful. An example of an inbound not answered call is when the end user wasn’t connected with the agent, or the customer left the call in a transition stage that is not included in the abandoned statuses. An example of outbound not answered call is when the end user didn’t answer the agent’s call.

    Reference: Metrics and attributes for Zendesk Talk


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