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  • Kilian

    Hello Jonas Libbrecht, there is another open request to that topic. I hope Zendesk will finally improve that. We switched back to the old workspace, since we communicate mainly by mail. Thanks for your comment! 


  • Lisa Kelly
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Zendesk is holding a Community event for Agent Workspace. Click the link below for details: 

    Community event: How to deliver conversational experiences with the Agent Workspace

  • Jenn Luna

    Are there any plans to release this to be by brand in one account. 

    I.e.  We have three brands in our account, but only one can't switch to agent workspace. The other two are therefore forced to remain on legacy and missing out on other opportunities.

  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Jenn,

    We don't see it happening in the near future. We are recommending all accounts to switch to Agent Workspace for all the major improvements are available on that interface. But a good suggestion nonetheless. 
  • Cathy Grim

    Is there really any benefit here if we only use web and email for support?

    There seems to be simply a lot more noise in this case - for us at least.

  • Lisa Kelly
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Hi Cathy,
    Going forward, new features Zendesk adds to the agent interface will only be available in the Agent Workspace, including the context panel, panel resizing, native ticket redaction, color support, and more. See What new features are available after upgrading?

  • Jimmy Rufo
    Zendesk Luminary

    Hi Lisa-Kelly,

    That may be so, but if the workspace clutters up daily operations for messaging, thats not a reason to upgrade.  We are also an organization that specialize in web and email support, and are likely in the same boat as Cathy, and have not migrated as a result.

  • Cathy Grim

    <angry eyes>
    Just hit the snag that I can't use custom ticket status' until I enable Agent Workspace.
    This is a LOT of effort for very little reward.

  • Arno (EMEA Partner)

    Anyone found a workaround for this in Agent Workspace? When working with multiple brands "incorrect" receiver information on ticket causes unnecessary confusion for agents. For some reason also with multibrand the Zendesk account name is shown as receiver of the ticket. It is surely common, that main brand is the same or similar to company name, so account name looks like one of the brands, and when you receive emails to other brands, with quick look, it looks like brand was incorrectly set on ticket. Is there a way to change that somehow so, that actually receiving brand name, or correctly receiving address name, would be shown as receiver correctly on the ticket view?

    Changed account name to "Account name shown here?" to test it, to be sure, that it really is account name shown, not the email address name nor correct brand name:

    It would nice to see brand or email address name as receiver:

    Is there a way to achieve this or reasonable workaround? All I could think is to change the account name to something so general and unrelated, that does not mix with the brands at all now.


  • Derek Feswick

    All of the shortcuts we'd previously added don't appear to be available... do we need to recreate them all as Macros? Was handy to simply start typing and have suggested shortcuts pre-populate- has this disappeared?

  • Lisa Kelly
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Hi Derek
    Are you talking about Chat shortcuts? In the Agent Workspace, when you type a / in the composer, you should see both macro keyboard shortcuts and chat shortcuts. See Applying macros with a keyboard shortcut. However, you need to make sure it's enabled for your profile. See Activating and deactivating macros keyboard shortcuts

  • Darren Bell

    We have been notified that our account is going to migrated over to the Agent Workspace in August.

    Looking at the screenshots on this article against our Sandbox - then our Agent Workspace looks out of date.

    The Ticket fields do not have the dark grey background and the Macro button is still aligned to the left.

    Whereas other commenters have posted screenshot and theirs is different.

  • Lisa Kelly
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Hi Darren

    Your Sandbox account is up-to-date. The Macro button moved when we rolled out the ability to resize the ticket properties panel.  Also, you may find this article useful for comparisons. 

  • Hannah Lucid

    Hello Zendesker,


    Is anyone who uses this able to tell me if the agent workspace allows Agents to create articles or be suggested articles from another brand?

    We have our "live" brand where end-users enter support tickets and our Agents work them, and then we have a separate brand that is our "internal knowledge base" for system support. 

    We wanted to keep these separated so our Agents have a designated spot separate from our "self-help" center available on our "live" brand.

  • Lisa Kelly
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Hi Hannah
    The Zendesk Agent Workspace doesn't change how Zendesk Support and Zendesk Guide work together. See Using Zendesk Support and Zendesk Guide together.  If you have a specific question about Guide setup, you can post your question there, or contact Zendesk Customer Support

  • Marguerite Cummings

    When you are in Guide Admin, you can choose the brand with the pulldown in the upper left corner. Once you are on the correct brand, then add your article.

  • Hannah Lucid

    Hi Everyone, thank you for your quick responses. I understand how to change the brand in Guide. My question is specifically about Agent workspace and how it will suggest specific articles when agents are working on a ticket. Will it show articles from a different brand than what the current ticket is assigned?


    Example: A ticket is assigned to "ABC Soup" brand and there is an article that goes over the resolution process in brand "Chicken Noodle". Would Agent Workspace offer the suggested article from the brand "Chicken Noodle" even though an Agent is working on a ticket assigned to brand "ABC Soup"?

  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Hannah, 

    If you are pertaining to the Knowledge section in the context panel, you have the ability to designate a default filter to it so that it will only show tickets on a specific brand. You can also remove ticket brand filter to show all related articles on all your brands.

  • Kenya Roberts

    Can you forward emails in Zendesk to an outside email inbox?

  • Audrey Ann Cipriano
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Kenya Roberts you definitely can forward emails in Zendesk to an outside email inbox :) There are a few ways to do this which you can find here: How do I forward tickets to an external user? 

    I hope this helps! :) 

  • Vicky

    We tried the Agent Workspace.  We support via Email, not Chat.  My team hated it and complained A LOT.  I have since switched us back.  These are some of the complaints:

    • Reply window is on the bottom, which causes more neck issues, especially when working from a laptop
    • Last reply is not on top
    • New view is useless when a customer sends long messages, have to scroll and look for the top of the message
    • Can’t switch between Public and Internal note - have to copy/paste
    • Editing widget prevents quick edits using markup
    • Formatting line takes up space - this is expensive real estate on a small laptop screen
    • Interface does not update automatically when a new message comes in - have to refresh
    • Don’t see reply after submitting it; have to refresh
  • Cheeny Aban
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Vicky,

    We appreciate that you took the time to let us know about your experience and feedback. Rest assured that this will reach our Product Managers. Your feedback helps us grow – thanks so much for sharing it with us.
  • Sebastian Silva

    I like to point out the lack of "space" when you are adding inline images, previously this wasn’t an issue thanks to the formatting, but it seems that it’s no longer working. 

    This experience is way worse if you are editing a long text where you need to use images.

  • Khoa Le

    While the advantages of agent workspaces are apparent for accounts that provide support using multiple channels, this is a severe step back for those of us who only use email. The layout of agent workspaces does not mimic the workflow/layout of email.

    It's obvious that agent workspaces is catered towards accounts using multiple channels for support; and so this feels like a con to upgrade/add additional channels to make the most of the "feature."

    Agent workspaces can obviously exist without it being a mandatory layout (it has since its introduction), and so it makes no sense to push this onto those of us who do not need/prefer it.

  • Lisa Kelly
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Hi Khola
    I'm sorry to hear that you don't like the Agent Workspace interface, but there are plenty of enhancements unrelated to multiple channels that Agent Workspace supports. This includes AI summarizations, Custom layouts, Custom ticket statuses, Native ticket redaction, Essentials card configuration, Composer resizing, Color text in the composer, Ticket properties panel resizing, Ticket translation for email messages, and more.  See What new features are available after upgrading? All these enhancements are possible because the Agent Workspace is built upon a newer code base. 

  • Marianne

    Irony is when you name something "Agent workspace" and you have not consulted any actual agents who use this. with this design.

    At first glance, after using this horrific update for 6 hours, here are a few issues that we are seeing:

    If you copy the email address of a customer by highlighting and copying like we do in all other programs we use, (now found all the way on the right for some odd reason) this will actually insert a space before the email address when pasting it in other programs.  We have to bend to your rules and click on it which will copy it but not paste it in other programs so you've just lost your harmony across other programs. Super!

    New agents are taught to create an email draft internally and if approved by a manager over shoulder, toggle to Public reply, if not save it and work on it using the suggestions from mgr.  This is fabulous, now it just disappears.  

    You can not easily copy and past the links that are in macros or amend them.  There are extra steps in each one now where we have to click on edit and then can not see the whole link.  This gets fun when we are using macros where an agent just has to pop in their voucher code for a customer to use to get a discount and replace the XXXXX in the link.  This was EASY to see before and now impossible.  This means we are sending customers dead links.  Awesome.

    Sometimes "Whatsapp" comes up as an option to message the customer.  We don't have Whatsapp as a customer service tool so I am wondering how this is going to go.  Can't want to see what happens on these.  Exciting.

    Scrolling in a long ticket has been compared to sitting backwards on a train.  This is a great analogy as it makes some people sick and others just don't want to.  Perfect.

    The chats after ending are confusing when they pop up on the left side in the tickets area especially with agents who take 3 chats at once.  Agents who take 3 chats at once are chatting with the wrong customer sometimes with the new layout and offering the incorrect steps.  Isn't this fun?!?

    I hope the takeaways are not "super, fabulous, awesome, exciting, perfect and fun."

    Wednesday, July 19th - update

    It has gotten worse.
    I accidentally just took a chat when I was attempting to see who took the chat.  OK, challenge accepted.  I continued with the chat and these are coming up as one liners within the email area like a new email for each line.  Are you kidding me?

    There was no "ping" when the customer answered so I had to be in there and watch and wait.
    My agents have at least 4 other windows open as they need these programs to answer the customer's questions.  Do you know how hard it is to get back in that one chat if you have more than one opened?

    Honestly, you are forcing everyone to make the switch at some point in the next month or so.

    I can confidently say that this is not usable for us.

    I know I am only Zendesk 42 licenses at the moment in this company, 5 in the second and a handful in the 3rd company that that I am overseeing the customer service but this is really not a viable solution for us going forward.

  • Lisa Kelly
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Hi Marianne, 
    Thank you for the detailed feedback. We recommend contacting Zendesk Customer Support so they can help you with your issues and properly log your concerns. 

    A couple comments and clarifications: 

    • Comments you enter into Internal notes are not lost when you switch to Public reply. They will still be there when you switch back. See Saving drafts across channels. If you want to draft comments first before sending them out, Zendesk recommends using Draft mode. See Writing drafts of public replies in tickets.
    • Because phone conversations and live chats typically require the most immediate responses, tabs for these types of conversations automatically move to the left side of the interface, so they don’t get overlooked when you’re working on multiple conversations. See Using ticket tabs to manage conversations.

  • Liberty Kilts

    please let me know how i can track customer, what he doing in our website?


    How to Deactive the workspace agent?


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