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  • Anton M.

    Just an example of how much more screen space is used for chats in the new agent workspace..Readability is also not great. Do you have plans to optimize UX here? 
    1. Messages from the same user can be blended together
    2. Status updates events can take way smaller space

  • Sylwia

    Hi , 

    as Lauren already mentioned above (some months ago): for us there is also one very important thing which is missing in chat: requester's IP address and device/browser details. It is great to still see the visitor path but the device and browser info is often essential for troubleshooting. Changing to dashboard in each chat in ordert to see this information is time consuming and not optimal. 

    It would be great to integrate this information in User details directly in ticket and chat. 

    Are there any plans to show this info? 



  • Kilian

    Thank you Lisa Kelly for your fast reply. Yes I am aware of this new feature, but it is still not user friendly when I open a ticket with a long (latest) comment because I have to scroll up first and then the new button appears.

    It also happens that Zendesk does not recognize that a reply contains all the previous comments and throws them all into the ticket again. I think it happens when the reply comes out of a system (CRM etc.) or is formatted differently. If this happens (we have this all day) you have to scroll a lot until you are on top of the latest comment because all ticket comments are shown (duplicated) within the ticket.

    The new agent workspace seems perfect if you chat or answer requests on WhatsApp but working with B to B customers means lots email communication and everyone uses its signatures below content what makes a single email always longer.

  • Florian W

    The new workspace is also absolute nonsense from a health point of view.
    The input window is placed at the bottom, you have to tilt your head down even further when working on a laptop.
    This makes it even easier to cause neck problems.

    Furthermore, the new view is absolutely useless when a customer sends long messages.

    Please give us the choice of where to place the input window and a setting for sorting the messages as soon as possible.

    You sell a ticketing system for customer support. Then listen to your customer feedback and don't make mistakes by programming past the customer and forcing your ideas on the customer. You should pay attention to the customers' ideas.

  • Maik Künnemann

    Hi, is there a plan to have a config for the place of the editor / ordering of the comments? For us the biggest difference between old and new UI is, that the editor is moved to the bottom and the ordering of the comments has changed. It would be nice to have the new Agent Workspace with the old comment ordering and the editor on top.

  • Kilian

    This Feedback contains a very important issue with the new agent workspace. It has special meaning for those who mainly use Zendesk for Email communication.

    The new interface is troublesome if the customer has typed a long email, or has a long signature. The workspace shows the end of the last message, it should show the start of it. Now we have to scroll up on these cases to see the message.

  • Maik Künnemann

    Zendesk seems to focus only on the new agent workspace with a mainly B2C communication where chat dominates. B2B email communication doesn't seem to matter to them, this was also communicated to me by support. It's a pity, but if this continues, we will have to look for another system for B2B communication.

  • Adrian Bell

    Am the odd one out to say that I really hate the way zendesk is driving communication away from email to chat?

    You can't even raise a support ticket with zendesk through email anymore!

    Is this the way of Agent workspace as well? We've recently been informed we are being upgrade and it concerns me.

    Chat might be great for assisting with simple issues like the reset of passwords but it assumes the customer is there at their computer working on some web-based application (like Zendesk) needing a quick fix.

    All our customer support issues are driven through email because they are long and complex and not in anyway suited to a chat message. The system we are supporting is not in the cloud or web-based so they are never logged on to our website where a chatbot might appear. If our customers were answered by a chatbot, they would find it very irritating as they are paying us for our service.

    The user is not necessarily online and the resolution will run over several days or even weeks.

    The current direction of Zendesk might be great for some businesses but I'm really not liking for us.

  • Sam Donovan

    Hi team, 
    We are currently using Support for web + email based ticketing, with no chat functionality. Can the ticketing interface be setup so that the most recent response is at the top? Instead of at the bottom like it seems to be in every screenshot of the Agent Workspace?

    Thank you,

  • Kilian

    Lisa Kelly can you make any forecast regarding such a functionality for those who use Zendesk for email support? And, are there any disadvantages to switching back to the old workspace? Will both workspaces be supported in the future?

    I'm sorry to come up with this over and over again, but I get complaints all day since I changed to the new workspace!

  • Cristian Clements

    Our team launched the latest Zendesk "upgrade" last Friday morning that moved the reply box to the bottom of the screen - this was a horrible design choice and completely unintuitive. You don't start a document at the bottom of the screen - you start at the top. The reverse sorting is another horrible idea up there with when Zendesk removed the ability to sort by subject. I have to go the the Subject line to edit the entry, then to the bottom of the screen to type and then I often have to scroll up if it's a long entry in the ticket itself and then back to the bottom again (I'm aware of the "Jump to Latest" button but it's right next to the bottom text box anyway - so back down again). Who tests this stuff??

    Is there an option to choose top/bottom for the message box and an option for the oldest/newest sorting? 

  • Stan Kutzko

    Agree with Maik 100%.  Further on the user view it would be nice to be able to specify the order of the comments as well with the newest on top.

  • MuZza C

    Please tell me there is a way to get the old view back, this is a really bad update. As others have said before me, the layout is troublesome, for people only using email this is a major step backwards.

  • Jason

    Feedback: People have mentioned this already but @Zendesk, have you honestly used it to handle tickets? Having to resize the boxes to see all the text and msgs and if you have to send a long reply etc is really badly designed. It's a poor user layout. And please put the most recent back at the top again. I'm more than happy to embrace change but when it improves a flow or process.

    This is the trouble sometimes, people in businesses making too many unnecessary tweaks. I hope this will improve in future. I'm already very close to switching to another provider after such poor service from you on an ongoing ticket. 

  • Dries Oomen

    Hi Lisa,

    Thanks for your quick reply. So, it is a feature for some, but still annoying for us. Our agents start a lot of there messages internal and when it's finished they switch to external to send it to the customer. They have to use cut and paste to use it in this new way. Could you please make a toggle of something in the composer window that you can choose which behavior you get?

    I am curious how many organizations really like this new behavior. Is made available after a feature request or is it designed by Zendesk as a future way to compose messages?

  • Beans Pineda

    Me and my colleagues and our sister companies hate the new workspace. Especially when you respond to a new and existing ticket, we cannot see the compose message box when typing . We can no longer use our tablet and phone to answer urgent tickers. Desktop Site option won't help. I am going back and forth with your support. What a journey. Let your Devs use their phones and tablet to test the interface, so you will know what I am saying. Please fix!

  • Florian W

    Kilian, we thought about it too, as there are some more negative points with new workspace.

    We're using two WhatsApp Support numbers. Within the old workspace it was possible to assign each number to a different group by different triggers.
    With the new workspace it's not possible anymore. That's terrible.
    But as we need to implement WeChat we have to use the new agent workspace :-(

  • Maik Künnemann

    Here is the request for more customization ... @all please add your issues to this request page and vote for it https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/4408860670106-Customize-Agent-Workspace?page=1#community_comment_4549562128282

  • Dries Oomen

    My mother taught me to start with compliments before you request changes ;-). So this new view looks promising, but my team found a real annoying behavior:

    When the agent is composing an answer to the customer (starting in internal, switching to external now takes an extra click) and switches to external while typing or after finishing the message, the text is gone! Also happens with attachments. You have to type it again and have to attach a file again. I cannot think of a situation where this is a feature, so It must be bug. 

    Hopefully you can either solve this soon, or reply to me why this is useful behavior. Otherwise we will switch back to the old situation and wait until you have fixed it.

  • Gil Atlan

    I didn't see anyone talking about the missing ticket subject from the top browser-like ticket navigator thingy?

    Perhaps it makes sense to B2C, IDK, but not for B2B

    Is it configurable?

  • Kilian

    Florian W thanks for sharing your point of view! We already switched back to the old workspace - I'm happy, it was just a click with no side effects!

  • Stan Kutzko

    I'd agree with Cristian Clements and add, clients have to view from the top down as well. It would be nice to have an option to change the sort in both views.  

  • Jarad Garlesky

    Agreed... at this point its so bad I am not sure we will ever transition to the new layout and if forced so we will most likely look for a new Software that listens to their clients needs and frustrations... As you can see almost everyone is upset that this change was made and there is no way to set customer defaults for comment preferences.

  • Brian Campbell

    I also agree with Christian Clements, the "new" formatting of the replies and ticket layout in general did not need to be redesigned and has been received poorly by our team.

  • Adrian Bishop

    Hi, we use support and talk mostly, one of the issues we have is when a customer calls us about an existing ticket, it always creates a new ticket which we then merge into the existing one, this is very messy. Could agent workspace improve this functionality?

  • Florian W

    Anton, thanks for this hint.

    But it's also no possibility for us to use multi-brands.
    It's a pity that you should now use a lot of workarounds for functions that were working well before the workspace upgrade.

    To me the new workspace hase more negative effects than positives (at the moment).

  • daniel.savage

    Is there any way to disable this pop-up from showing every time?  We schedule our Agents for Live Chat so nobody needs to see this...






  • Lisa Kelly
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Hi Ryan
    It's just a broken link. It's fixed now. Thanks for letting us know!

  • Lisa Kelly
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Hi Michael. Is it possible the tickets were archived? Archived tickets are not included in the interaction history. Contact Zendesk Customer Support for questions specific to your account. 

  • Kieron Dunne

    Is there an Admin setting to reverse the new Agent Workspace Ticket comments/updates from the current oldest to latest? i.e. change ticket updates order to be from new to old?


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