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  • Philip Gray

    Hi @...,  We recently implemented Zendesk chat and were looking at the possibility of using the visitors list to initiate chats on a proactive basis.  However, having just turned on agent workspace, it seems like proactive chats is no longer an option.

    I was honestly surprised that the functionality that is meant to properly embed Chat into the Zendesk Support product (i.e. agent workspace) has the side-effect of disabling a key feature of the Chat product.

    You mentioned in your comment 10 months ago that improving the agent workspace / visitor list situation was something that the Zendesk PMs were looking into.  Do you know if there has been any progress on this?  Anything on the roadmap?

    At the moment, I'm faced with a choice of either running AW or being able to initiate proactive chats and that's a really unpleasant decision.


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