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  • Alissa Wilczynski

    I have content in 3 languages, where English is the "parent language" and Chinese and Japanese are linked as "child" articles. I need to move this content to Zendesk. How do I migrate while maintaining these linkages between languages?

  • Jim Davenport

    For those that need to import content in bulk into their Help Center we've created an Import app which you can find in the Zendesk App Marketplace. It's a one-off payment to purchase the app, after which you can use the app to perform imports (categories, sections, articles and article comments) as often as you like.

    You can find more information on our website and if you're interested or have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

  • Maxine Clayman

    Is it possible rather than to migrate existing content to the knowledge base to be able to link back to it so the bot can pick it up article suggestions from both the knowledge base and other sources?

  • Jason Schaeffer
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Maxine,

    Unfortunately the Answer Bot can only suggest articles from within Zendesk and would not be able to pull in data from external sources. You can provide links in your Help Center articles to an external source but not directly from a Bot. There is more in the below article:


    Thank you!

    Jason Schaeffer | Customer Advocate |

  • Ricardo Pereira

    Hi. How would it work for the migration of Content Blocks?

  • Anne Ronalter
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hello Ricardo,

    The Help Center API has certain limitations if content blocks have been enabled for one or more articles.

    More details on that topic can be found here:
  • Cheyenne Trommels - Oorebeek

    Hi, I have an interesting issue; one of my former colleagues has set two of our three help centers to the wrong version of English. We have three help centers, of which one is set to English UK (which is what we'd like to use), one to English US and one to English Netherlands.

    This causes issues with for example dynamic content; we have to add all three versions of English here to get the correct translations to all Help Centers. It's also confusing as for end user languages it's not clear to which English we have to set their language. We want to use one version of English among all Zendesk Help Centers, Support etc. which should be English UK (en-gb).

    I'm afraid I'm up to the task to manually create new translations in the correct English to each article and copy paste the content. Is there a way to 'easily' export/import articles and set them to a different language and solve this issue with less manual work?

  • Sharmila Govindarajan

    Hi I am trying to create an article in a section as described in this article and am getting a 403 forbidden error. I do have Admin access to our Zendesk site. Can someone help me resolve this?

  • Jupete Manitas
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Cheyenne, thanks for writing in! 

    If the end goal is to provide English UK and English Netherlands Help Center, yes, you need to have translated content (Category, Section & Articles) for both languages including dynamic content then delete the wrong language once completed. In terms of automating the translations translating the content is not natively supported in the UI. Translations are being done outside Zendesk and use API to import the translated content. You can use third-party solutions for managing translations for example. To learn more about other solutions, you can check them here: Creating and managing translated content for your Zendesk Guide knowledge base. 

  • Natalia Tomchyshyn

    The Zendesk team already mentioned Help Desk Migration as an option. The data transfer tool helps to migrate language versions of help centers. To check it, test the service for free to see if it meets your requirements accuratelly.

  • Zendesk Partner (Helpando)

    Helpando.it (their team worked at Zendesk before) specialises on custom Ticket & Help Center migrations. This is their migration partner page.

  • SeaSpace

    +1 for Helpando.it - Zendesk Migrations

    They Migrated our Help Center data from a clunky home made system. 

  • Amy Rands

    what about helpando pricing? Their workflow and cost aren't clear and sound a little fishy

  • SeaSpace

    Hi Amy Rands, as stated on the other thread, for both the account merging and a recent Jira migration they charged less than the other providers we reached out to + were able to cater to our custom mapping requirements.


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