Multibrand: Restricting agents to specific brands

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  • Anthony Lopez

    would this solution remove the brand dropdown menu on the left sidebar?

  • Jeff C
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Anthony,

    No it wont as this is workflow is designed to route tickets to an appropriate group but it would not totally restrict them from seeing the Brand drop down field as this is a system field. 

  • Klarette Gerrits

    This should be included in roles... So much cleaner :)

  • Klarette Gerrits

    Or in the agent-profile. Even better !

  • François Bellavance

    Are there any ETA on this? It's really, really restricted since we have brands where some tickets must stay privates.

  • Eli Webster

    Why in the world are Brands available in Professional, but this feature is only available in Enterprise? If you are not going to allow us to assign agents to a Brand, why even give us the brand option?


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