Explore recipe: Using a Sunday to Saturday week attribute

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  • Jess Hartley

    Could I use this to filter for the previous week with the week starting on Sunday? For tickets updated the previous week, Sun-Sat for a report that I would run each Monday morning. If so, how or is there an easier way to filter this specific way?

  • Brandon Tidd
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    Hi Jess Hartley Admin -

    If you're just looking to Filter data based on the previous week, starting on Sunday - we can actually use the default "Ticket Created - Date" filter.  In this case, we'd navigate over to "Advanced" and select "7 Days in the Past" to "2 Days in the Past."  If run on Monday, this would give you Sun - Sat.  If you ran it on Tuesday, you'd have to 'back date' it to 8 Days and 3 Days, respectively.  Hope this helps!

    Brandon Tidd
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  • Nicole

    What may be the best way to have it run for monthly values, from the 1st of the month until the last day of the month (which varies)? Then the following Monday after the last day of the month it will be sent in a scheduled dashboard report. 

  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Tanya, 
    There are two ways you can create this report. Please check the screenshot for reference. I have used the same attributes but placed it differently on rows, columns and filter sections.

    The screenshot above shows all tickets created on the same days of the month.

    On the other hand, this one will include all the days of the month and it will give you the ability to select specific days. You can modify it further depending on your preference.
    Now, for Scheduling Dashboards Deliveries, it can be sent on a monthly basis. You can also select the numerical value of the day of the month. 

  • Ravindra Singh

    what if we want ticket created data weekly manner from Monday to Monday instead of Sunday to Saturday ?

  • Salim Cheurfi
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Ravindra, 
    It is possible to get tickets created from Monday to Monday, you can adapt the calculated attribute LEFTPART(STARTOFWEEK_MONDAY([Ticket created - Date]),10)
    You can as well change the overall setting of Explore to set a specific day as the start of the week, you'll find more information in our article : Setting the start of the week for reports and filters


    I hope this helps, 


    Have a great day, 


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