Adding attachments to ticket comments

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  • Susan Maher

    Is it possible to attach more than one file at one time?  Sometimes out customers need to send us 2 or 3 files as documentation for their problem.  At this time, they need to attach one file at a time.  Is there something I am missing?

  • Benessa Dumol

    Hello, sorry for hijacking this thread, but I am currently stuck and I desperately need some help.

    I am currently developing an app that has 2 fields, a file upload field that allows multiple files and a text area.

    Here is the current status of the app:

    • I was able to create a private comment using the value inputted on the text area
    • I was able to get the token when I uploaded the files using the Upload API

    The next goal is for all the files to be attached to the ticket. I am using this as my reference and on the examples, only 1 file is attached to the ticket comment.

    Can you help to confirm if it is possible to attach multiple files/images to 1 ticket comment? If yes, can you point me in the right direction?

    Thank you,


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