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  • Acetec AB

    Is there a plan to add Swedish?

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hey Henrik,

    I double checked with our answer-bot team and it doesn't look like they have plans to add further language support at this time. I would recommend creating a feedback post in our Guide Community topic for our Product Managers to review your use case.

    Let me know if you have any other questions!

  • Michaël

    When a Dutch-speaking customer types in for example "credits" he gets NL or ENG articles not normal ....

    Here I am seen again on FAQ but nothing answers my questions....

  • Charlotte Callaert

    Thanks for reaching out, can your Dutch speaking customer access the full help center? (English / Dutch)? 

  • Sascha Löffelhardt


    Despite having the articles in spanish, english and brazilian portuguese, the bot returns the articles only in spanish (default language). How can I fix this?



    Thank you in advance for your assistance.

  • Lindsay J. Kelley

    Why doesn't it have the option for Hindi? Are there any plans for this? How soon?

  • Erina Bennett

    Been trying to find if there is support for translation via answerbot.

    Scenario being non-English speaking customer submits a ticket in their language, will Answerbot be able to read that, translate and provide articles based on the translation?

    Or would providing knowledge base articles in the customer's local language be required?


  • Omer Pines

    I see you support Arabic which is RTL, what about Hebrew? 
    Should I use arabic and just enter Hebrew text or should I keep my English setup in the bot?

    Is there any plan to add Hebrew anytime soon?

  • Josh
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Omer!
    Thank you for reaching out to us. Currently, we only support languages as described on this article. I would highly suggest keeping the English setup in the bot as it's the most known language and then others can translate it if the language is not supported by the answerbot.
  • Arno (EMEA Partner)

    There seems to be discussion about two separate things here. There is language support for Answer BOT and then there is language support for the new widget supporting predefined flows for customers and Answer BOT. So, my feedback might more for the language support for the New Widget rather than AnswerBOT, but related to discussion above.

    I think it is understandable that Answer BOT engine might not support all languages, having complex logic requiring detailed understanding for language itself, and there is a limitation, which languages can be supported with reasonable effort. But as before Classic Widget Answer BOT UI has provided support for "all supported" languages in general like any other features in Zendesk UI (Guide, forms, Classic widget - button titles, short standard messages in UI). 

    I am bit surprised, that Zendesk has decided other vise with single new feature. This means that such great feature, that adds value to customer service, cannot be used in significant part of the world. Solution is not having an English setup, when you are offering customer service in customer's native language. 

    I would hope, that Zendesk would consider again their approach with this feature, that seems to be an exception in Zendesk, and Zendesk would simply provide translations for those standard short texts in the new widget's UI with Answer BOT, as for other features. At least I do not mind, that AnswerBOT itself defaults to standard search with some languages.  

    I do not know exactly, but I would assume that there are less than ten (?) standard messages or text objects in the UI itself that require further language support. (Apologies if my estimate is incorrect.)

    Examples: “Yes, problem solved”, “No, I need help”, "Start Over" and "Great. Knowledge is power. You can ask me another question at any time.". If you would simply add translations to those, it would enable much wider use of predefined flows globally. 

    Related: I have noted that if I look at the preview in Admin Center, I can see translations for some of these texts - example for Swedish below - but if we would publish the widget, those would be English as Swedish is not officially supported (even it is in preview?):

    So, please reconsider.

    ... and hopefully in the future, the whole new widget with predefined flows and with answerbot, would be language support so, that customer could change the language, and we could offer ourselves different language versions for the same flow.

  • Alexan

    +1 we also need to add in Malay as language option for botflow

  • Erich

    Dear ZenDesk Support Team,

    We have been actively utilizing the ZenDesk chatbot for customer support and have encountered a critical limitation: the lack of an automatic translation feature for Finnish. A substantial segment of our clientele hails from Finland, and the ability to communicate effectively with them is not just important, but essential for our operations.

    The absence of Finnish language support significantly hampers our engagement with these customers and impacts our support services. We urgently request the integration of Finnish into the chatbot's auto-translation system. Doing so would not only improve customer satisfaction but also enhance the overall efficiency and effectiveness of our customer support.

    We understand that implementing new features can be complex, but we cannot overstate the importance of this addition for our Finnish-speaking customers. We are eager to work with you on any necessary steps to expedite this process.

    Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. We look forward to your swift response and are hopeful for a positive resolution.

  • Elaine
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Weissberg,

    Your understanding of the importance of adding Finnish language support to our Zendesk chatbot is greatly appreciated. While this enhancement isn't immediately feasible, we recognize its significance for our Finnish-speaking clientele. We will take your urgent request into account for potential future updates or improvements to our system.
    Thank you for bringing this critical limitation to our attention, and for your understanding of the complexities involved in implementing new features. Your dedication to enhancing our customer support services is valued, and we remain committed to exploring possibilities to meet your needs in the future.
  • Ronnie Åstrand

    We are currently using messaging in swedish and when evaluating autoreply with email found out that this dosent is supported in swedish.
    Is there any workaround to use this or how does the roadmap look for supporting swedish with autoreply with email ?

  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Ronnie, 
    As of the moment, I don't see any ETA for the Swedish language.
    Would you mind posting your use case to our Feedback on Support topic? This is to help get more visibility and votes on the idea. Then, others can share their use cases to further drive demand for that feature. Thanks!
    We also encourage you to follow Zendesk's release notes here to receive alerts for all enhancements as they are released.

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