Why can't some of my agents edit user and organization fields?

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  • Steven Aranaga

    Does this also apply to editing Light Agents (or any agent)?  In other words, is assigning these permissions also allowing them to add Agents to multiple orgs?

    We are on Enterprise plan.  Scenario: all internal employees are Light Agents.  If someone submits an internal ticket for one of our customers, we want to set the Org to that customer, but leave the requester as the Light Agent.  We have written a plugin that does all this, and it works for me as an Admin but not them as an Agent.  It is a custom role, and they previously did not have those permissions, but after adding them and the Agent logging out/in again, it still didn't work.


  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    HI Steven,

    Light Agent permissions cannot be modified. For light agent permissions, please refer to Understanding and setting light agent permissions.
    For the custom role you can try to use these permissions. If the same issue persist, please contact us directly for us to investigate.


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