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  • Jeremy Watkin

    Hi, we are using the Twitter integration and running into an issue where public mentions don't create a ticket. But if I login to Twitter and reply to that mention, my reply generates a ticket. What am I doing wrong?

  • 💃 Ivana

    Hi everyone, 

    From one day to the other 2 out of 3 Twitter handles don't work anymore and we realized that we need the Social media Add-on now.

    Can you please share the resources where and when this was communicated because I cannot see it under the announcements? Also, there was no pop-up warning in Zendesk too. 


  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hey Ivana,

    It's odd that your'e being asked to upgrade as you should have been grandfathered in at no additional cost.

    I'm going to create a ticket on your behalf so our Customer Care team can look into this with you.

    You'll receive an email shortly stating your ticket has been created.


  • Fano Endor

    Edit to the below: our DMs are working but we can't generate tickets through the "at" mention even though the "capture public mentions as tickets" is set to "yes".

    When i first tested this channel a few months back, an "at" mention would automatically become a tweet. Now it looks like you have to "like" it. Was this a recent change or did I not understand the old functionality? I'm asking as we tested this out in our sandbox and tweets were coming in when we were just mentioned, now it has to be a DM. Thanks.

  • Jupete Manitas
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Fano,

    Thanks for writing in! The @ mention should convert any public tweet containing your Twitter account handle. If you are Suite plan and not using the Agent Workspace, you may need to install the Social Messaging add-on. Here are the resources that you can follow for a non-agent workspace enabled account:
    Installing and setting up social messaging channels (standard agent interface)

    Thank you!


  • Lindanne Mureu

    We also are experiencing the same issue. The setting "capture public mentions as tickets" is set to "yes" and sadly, they are not creating tickets until we reply directly from our twitter account. We are on suite plan and using the agent work space. Did anyone find a solution?

  • Leo Medalla

    Is there a way zendesk would create tickets whenever someone is follows our twitter account?


  • Raúl

    Can tickets created via Twitter mention, DM or like be closed without a response? Specifically thinking of scenarios in which a ticket is created by mistake or the mention/dm/like does not require a response. If so, what does that look like? Would the requester still get notified or is there a way to prevent that on a case by case?

  • Sil
    Hi Lindanne,
    For this kind of issue, it would be best to create a ticket with us so we can troubleshoot based on your account's setup specifically.

    Hi Leo,
    This is not a functionality we support yet. We look at the feedback and new functionality ideas via the community posts. So you can ask us to implement this by posting here:

    Hi Raùl,
    Tickets auto-close after some time (depending on whether you customized it or not). Yes, these tickets can be closed without a response. The customers who interact with you via Twitter don't have visibility on a ticket, so they won't know the conversation was closed. If they reply to the same DM thread or tweet, it will create a new ticket in your instance.

    Hope this helped!

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