Bulk importing organizations

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  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Sean,

    Multi-select custom field for organization is not yet available.
  • Sean Nelson

    Thanks Dane, are there plans to support that in the future? 

  • mfg

    Are organization (or end user) external IDs visible in Support, or are they displayed on the record with other fields?

  • Joyce
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hello mfg,
    The user's external ID can be found on the user profile page, in the bottom left corner, with the last login metadata. 

    And for Organization, it is also at the bottom left corner, with the last created metadata. 

    Hope this helps!
  • Hawk Swearingen

    For those that are wondering if you can bulk update Checkbox org fields, it's just a True/False value. You'll use the same header style as "organization_fields.<field key>"

    True = Checked
    False = Unchecked

    @Zendesk, this should likely be mentioned in the documentation somewhere

  • Jacquelyn Brewer
    Zendesk Documentation Team
    Thanks so much for this suggestion, Hawk. I've added this information to the article so others won't have to figure that out themselves.
  • mfg

    is there a way to bulk update users and create organizations on tickets without reopening them?

  • Natalia Tomchyshyn

    Hey, mfg!

    As an alternative to the Zendesk import tool, consider Help Desk Migration. It imports tickets and all related data into Zendesk automatedly. And KB information as well.

    In your CSV file, you can include required and custom fields. As for the custom fields - they can be date, dropdown, number, decimal, and text area. 

    You can download a sample file and insert your data for importing your records to Zendesk or use the sample file to check how the migration service works. The free demos are available.

    For more details on how to set up a file, visit: https://help-desk-migration.com/help/prepare-files-automatic-data-migration-csv/


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