Installing and using the Print Ticket History app

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  • Terry Ehrhard

    Exciting that there are some options to "print" a ticket as we have a strong need in this area.  Our customers frequently have long cycles and forget or lose parts of the conversation requiring a refresh.  Or other times we gain agreements or approvals for changes to contracts which can be done via a quick email but require that email to be stored in another system.

    The challenge with this app is that it gives entirely too much information than is needed beyond the actual typed conversation.  And unfortunately there is not a means to tailor what is to be included or excluded.  

    As an admin it is a nice tool to see such detail, yet providing this level of detail to a customer or third-party is not practical.  Something as simplistic as From, To/CC, Subject, Sent (timestamp), and message content is the core need in our case.  Anything more is an added benefit and should be a tailorable option.  

  • Kat

    I agree with Terry Ehrhard, this is too much information especially if we want to use this to provide our customers with DSAR - they don't need to know the backend rules like triggers and automation or the type of the devices used by the person who dealt with their ticket.


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