LastPass: How to get autofill working with native authentication?

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  • Joël Harkes

    This actually doesn't work.

    I tried to remove from URL Rules but nothing helps.

    I fear it might be because the from action directs you to another domain ( and lastpass probably has a security rule on this for it to never fill (rightfully so).

  • Dane Adriano
    Zendesk Customer Care
    I understand your point about Lastpass' security rule. However, I would like to look into it further to determine that everything on Zendesk's end has been properly taken care of. I have created a ticket for you, please wait for my update via email.
  • Joël Harkes

    Dane Adriano 

    The best solution we have found is:

    store your lastpass credentials under this link:


    Now if you go your tenant/host and you are not logged in:

    1. alt/option + w (open last pass list)
    2. login with this lastpass link
    3. close your tab
    4. refresh your original tab and now it will redirect.

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