How does Zendesk set a language for a user in Support?

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  • adam birbeck

    Hi, I am trying to set up a ticketing system that covers three languages, I have set the rules in triggers that once it detects the tickets language it will assign them to the group with the skillset of that language.

    on testing this, I have emailed myself with French text, it detects the French within the text and offers to translate the body of the email, however, it is assigned to the English group as the main language detected is English, when there is no English within the email.

  • David

    adam birbeck Have you tested forcing the Requester language as a Trigger action? E.g. conditions might be Ticket created/updated and Channel Is "French email address/widget etc"

  • Richard Pixel

    Hello, is the auto-detected language of the end-user stored in a ticket field I would be able to refer to in my automation / triggers? 
    I have only found the option to create my own language detection triggers via some language unique keywords. Thanks for any help. 
    Kind Regards, R.

  • DJ Buenavista Jr.
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Richard,
    The auto-detected langauage for end-users depends first on what is set on their profile. Also, our system like what the article mentions, auto-detects the end-user's language in several ways if they are not yet added to your Support account.
    Additionally, you can create a custom ticket field for Language and create a trigger that will automatically detect an end-user's language by utilizing ticket tags as well on new tickets being created.
    Thank you!
    Kind regards,
  • Yvonne Panarin

    "Social media: Language recognition doesn't work for social media tickets. When an end-user sends a ticket from a social media platform like Facebook Messenger, it's the default Zendesk account language that will be associated with the end-user profile." - This makes no sense to me. As brands often have teams for various languages, as well as Faecbook Pages in those languages, why can Zendesk not detect the language here like it does with regular emails? 


    For routing to the language groups we need Zendesk to detect languages in social media messages like it does with emails as well. Any chance this will be improved soon? 

  • Thomas D'Hoe
    Community Moderator

    How does language detection interact with messaging? Can the language of the end user be detected with messaging as you do with the web widget (classic)? 

  • Anne Ronalter
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hello Thomas,

    here you can read more about Managing languages in a bot.

    Also feel free to leave Feedback in this similar Community post here:
    [Messaging] Auto detect website language?
  • Mariska Poiesz

    Related to the point which Yvonne Uder raised, since "Social media: Language recognition doesn't work for social media tickets." is this an improvement which we can expect in the future? Currently we made a trigger to work around this. 


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