Creating Sell sales triggers

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  • Owner

    Do you have an ETA for adding custom fields to triggers?

  • Jakub Konik
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Owner, first batch of custom fields (Single Line Text, Number and Dropdown) will be available within the next 1-2 weeks. 

    They will be followed with Date, Paragraph, Multi Select and Checkbox custom fields within a few weeks, and then within another few weeks we'll add the rest. 

  • Wesley Bowles

    Quick question, is there a timeline or plans for including contact/company properties in to triggers?

    Been spoiled with the level possibilities of triggers on the support side and really looking forward to Sell triggers expanding (it's currently one of the things holding us back from migrating from our existing CRM)

    Thanks in advance!


  • Dave Dyson
    Hi Wesley, and welcome to the community!
    This thread would be a good place to ask that question: Sales Triggers - we want your feedback!
  • Katarzyna Traczyk

    Hi! I have few questions: 

    - how much time trigger need to run? Are they able to deal with a lot of deals in same time? 
    - "Deal is updated" means, no matter what field and in no matter what way will it be updated? Or does this mean that the condition field must be updated from a specific trigger for it to work?
    - are you planning to add the option "greater than or equal to?" for numeric fields? 


  • Dainne Lucena
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Katarzyna Traczyk,


    1. Triggers would run immediately for updated deals that fit the trigger conditions. 

    2. "Deal is updated" is the event. So triggers would run anytime a deal has been updated, hence the "when" function but only when it meets the requirement under the "if" function. So it won't run everytime and would only run if it meets your conditions. 

    3. We are working on adding custom fields to the trigger conditions which was mentioned by Jakub here in our feedback section: Sales Trigger Feedback

    Hope this helps

  • Jakub Konik
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi everyone, quick update... we added new custom field types to trigger conditions and actions! This means we currently support:

    • Single line text
    • Paragraph text
    • Number
    • Dropdown
    • Checkbox (new)
    • Multi select (new)
    • Date and date time (new)
    • URL (new)
  • System Vekamaf

    Hi, I'd like to confirm if the default feature when "deal is updated" also works when a deal is created/added.

  • Aldo Barrientos

    thanks Jakub Konik! I'm in my trial right now and was just looking for this... hopefully my boss likes it. This seems way simpler than zoho.

  • William Sedgwick

    can you clone triggers? like you can is support


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