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  • peiqi.wu

    This document only explains how to set custom fields or read information from them. However, it does not say how to set information into them.

  • Gabriel Manlapig
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Peiqi,
    The numerous types of custom fields provide the flexibility necessary to capture a variety of customer, ticket, and organization details. You can create the following types of custom fields.
    You just need to access either the ticket, user profile or organization pages and set the values of the custom fields manually.

    For example:


    I hope this helps, thank you!
  • Judson Tunnell

    In a trigger for a webhook is there a way to get the previous value as well as the current value for a custom field in the JSON? For example I can get:


    Is there a way to reference the previous value, something like:


    I want to get the delta between two numbers, the old value and the new value 

    I have searched the documentation and have not found anything yet

    Thank you,

    Judosn B. Tunnell
    Crowdbitz Inc.

  • Sabra
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hey Judson Tunnell -- it is not possible to get a previous value with a placeholder at this time. If you would like to see this as a feature, I would recommend posting to our general Feedback page, which you can find here: Feedback - Ticketing System (Support)

  • MineralTree | Support

    We use 2 ticket custom fields that are also required for resolution. They are both drop down types. One field is "classification" where the agent must select a classification, for instance "Login::Unable to log in".

    This list is old with many outdated choices. We are going through a process to evaluate each 'resolution' and decide if it is still fitting. The end result of this project will be that we will delete many resolutions an add more.

    What sort of effect will this have on our data? What about our reporting? If I remove a resolution will I still be able to report, filter or sort on it in Explore? What sorts of things should we be aware and wary of?

  • Gabriel Manlapig
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Jay,
    Here's an article that provides an explanation as to the effect of altering or deleting a dropdown field values. 
    Understanding how creating, deactivating, or deleting ticket fields impacts tickets
    I hope that thelps. Thank you!
  • Bree Lewis

    Can custom fields be marked as read only? We have an integration with SFDC and we don't want the agent to have the ability to edit these fields. 


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