Why do I see blank spaces when reporting on articles?

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  • Pedro Reis

    It does not make sense to leave the field blank, you either show it or not!

    At least an option, to choose to see, archived or unpublished articles on the list

  • Elle Tucker

    We should be able to see the name of the article in explore even if the article is unpublished. We have one off issues that need to be published for a set amount of time and it's helpful to see how many views the received even after it's unpublished Is there a way to update the name within explore?

  • Costas Leontis

    We definitely still need to be able to see the article title even after it's unpublished.. THIS IS IMPORTANT AND NEEDS TO GO TO YOUR DEVELOPERS FOR DISCOVERY ASAP. Thanks

  • Darenne
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Elle and Costas, welcome to Zendesk! We completely understand the need for the unpublished articles to show up in Explore. However, this appears to be its native behavior. This allows you to keep an eye on the number of views an article has had, but the attributes (title, brands etc.) are no longer visible.
    Your voices are very important to us. To improve our services, I’d recommend posting about this feature request and your use case on our product feedback discussion boards where our managers and developers discuss new features and workarounds with our community. The link for those boards can be found here
  • Ivar Aaen

    Until I found this article, I thought this was a bug that would be fixed at any time now.

    In reporting the only information about archived articles is it's section, and in Guide there are no statistics on the archived articles. 

    This is an error that has to be fixed. Take a look at my example here:


    Me: "As you can see there are 111 views of unknown article(s?) this week. All I know is that  the articles are archived, that somebody in our company wrote it/them and that they were viewed 111 times."

    Boss: "Why are there no information about those articles?"

    Me: "It's Zendesk"



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