[OPEN BETA] Announcing a new request list experience Open Beta with improved filtering, sorting and column management

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  • CJ Johnson

    Is this update specific to the "Requests" page that is only available if your users sign in? Will Zendesk be implementing this in their own Requests page as well? 

  • Dave Dyson
    Zendesk Community Manager
    Hi CJ! If I'm understanding your question correctly, then yes this is a new version of the My Requests page for end-users in the Help Center. This does not affect Views in Zendesk Support; as before, agents & admins can see tickets they're CC'd on by going to their own user profile in Support, but not via Views (see Viewing your assigned, requested, and CC tickets in your Support profile).
    There's a product feedback thread on this, in case you'd like to add your use case: Feature Request: Add cc'ed tickets as condition in views
  • Guillermo Prieto


    I am unable to see the request list section within settings when customizing a Copenhagen theme. Please let me know when you expect this option to be rolled out to all the environments.


  • Rafael Santos

    Hey Guillermo, note that the rollout ends on July 1st, so it might not yet be enabled for you.

    As per the instructions above, the feature documentation has a section on

    After the deployment is completed, you'll have the request_list helper available, which can be placed in your theme's requests_page.hbs file.

  • Gorka Cardona-Lauridsen
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Rollout to existing Copenhagen Standard theme users has taken a bit longer than expected and is currently in progress. We expect everyone with a Copenhagen Standard theme to be have the new request list experience option available in their theme settings latest July 6th.

    Everyone can at this point use the {{request_list}} helper in custom themes and also try the new experience by downloading a fresh copy of the Copenhagen theme.

  • Rafael Santos

    Thanks for the update, Gorka Cardona-Lauridsen.

    It's looking great for us! I've followed the latest release's template, replacing everything in the requests_page.hbs with these 7 lines

    <div class="container">
    <header class="my-activities-header">
      <h1>{{t 'requests'}}</h1>


    Curious about its customization, although considering your disclaimer above, I've noticed some of the following in its HTML:

    • data-garden-id (buttons.button, buttons.icon, forms.field, cursor.pagination)
    • data-garden-version. (8.35.0, 8.32.1, 8.34.0)
    • data-test-id

    As far as I understand these are for the Zendesk Garden Components, specifically from Garden 8.

    It seems like they're being loaded by the scripts "vendors-guide-requests-app(...).js" and "react-(...).js" (loading React 17.0.1)

    Is there more documentation on these? Will we be able to load Garden components natively?


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