Ordering SLA policies

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  • Fiorella Alvarez

    Hi team,


    Related to order your policies with the most restrictive policies at the top, and your least restrictive policies at the bottom. 

    It means that I have to put first the shortest time brackets firts Or otherwise ??



  • Zsa Trias
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hello Fiorella,

    As mentioned in this article, the order of your SLA policies determines how they are applied to tickets. It's possible to have overlapping policies which is why you should make your SLA policies more restrictive in order to make sure that the correct policy is always applied. You can configure the SLA policy MEET ALL and MEET any conditions to make the SLA policy more restrictive. 

    For example, you can use the condition to restrict by ticket group or ticket form. 
    You can also combine it with a condition using unique ticket field values if multiple policies apply to a specific form/group.


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