Hyperlinking within bot flow


  • Nicole

    Yes, agree! Also looking for this capability!

  • Dave Dyson
    Zendesk Community Manager
    Hi everyone, don't forget to upvote feedback posts you like! :) 
  • Lisa Tam
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Conor Jordan

    Thanks for sharing your feedback. Can you tell me more about the problem you want to solve with linking users to the landing page? 

  • Jason Walker

    Much needed as well as being able to route users back a step in a flow. Users get stuck going wrong path and must start all over when a simple back a step would be great. 

  • Nicole

    Lisa Tam I can't speak for Conor, but for our company/team, being able to hyperlink in the flow is game-changing. Often times we want to link customers to a specific webpage on our site. And more often than not the URL is very lengthy. I also don't want to have to try to use bit.ly to shorten them. I want to be able to have the bot display something like "see more info by clicking here" where 'here' is hyperlinked. Having long URLs in the flow makes everything cluttered and the info we are trying to display can get drowned out by a massive URL in the text. 

  • jason seattle_gov

    I just want to provide options at the start of when a user engages with the bot/web widget with the following options. 

    "Hi there. Welcome to our automated routing service. Please choose a preferred method of communication."  

    1. Submit a request.
    2. Proceed with automated service.
    3. Chat with a human.
    4. Book an appointment. 

    I need these options. 

    1. Therefore I need a way to link to the submit a request form built in ZD.  - Can't do 
    2. Can do by simply by guiding user down the flow. 
    3. Can do by using transfer option in the flow. 
    4. Need to link out to an external calendar booking site. - Can't do. 



    Arghhhhhh........ Please Zendesk address this. Would be so simple for a developer to add this and would be much more consistent with the replies in tickets and articles. 

    The only feasible workaround would be to create and article in guide and link there. Oh, wait can't do that either. double arghhhhhhh...........





  • Claudia Zimmermann

    I have the same issue! Were you able to resolve it jason seattle_gov?

  • jason seattle_gov

    Claudia Zimmermann I have not. I thought about using a https://tinyurl.com/app

  • Tim

    is there a reason why this is not enabled?

    I really would like to link i.e. productpages when giving advice through the bot. Like for sharpening bread knives... It would be awesome to enable people to go to the right page :(



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