Being able to edit tags


  • Shona

    I am also interested in this.  I have realized a few Agents have created Tags and named them incorrectly.  I am needing to change them, and want the change to flow through to tickets and reports.

  • Dave Dyson
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hi Lindsay and Shona –

    There are a couple of workarounds can may be helpful, with an important limitation.

    • If the number of tickets is limited, you could create a View and then add and remove tags via Bulk Edit: Managing tickets in bulk
    • For a larger number of tickets, you could create an Automation that looks for tickets of Status less than Closed and that have the tag you want to swap out. Under actions, use Remove Tags to remove one tag, and Add Tags to add the tag you want to replace it with. Important! Use "Add Tags" and not "Set Tags", since the latter will remove all the ticket's pre-existing tags before adding the one(s) you specify. For more information on creating Automations, see Automations resources and recipes. If you have a very large number of tickets to modify, it make take several hours, as Automations can only process a certain number of tickets each hour.

    The important caveat to both of these (and any other method of modifying tickets) is that Closed tickets cannot be modified.

  • F. Keijmes

    Team, any development done on being able to edit Tags?

    We're able to edit other attributes like Organizations, but not Tags.

    Would really help as originally indicated to reflect change needs etc. without starting to create new tags and attach them to tickets, KB articles etc.



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