Triggers - Email Group Notifications issue



  • Frits van Dee

    Hi Madalina,

    I start with some first assumptions.

    • You have one trigger that sets both the priority and sends the email.
    • As the Priority is set, the conditions part of the trigger is correct.
    • You have verified that the trigger mentioned is the one that set the Priority.

    As there is not much to set up for the send to group action, I guess the best is to check the following:

    • Is the trigger mentioned actually the one that is fired, is there another trigger that could have set the Priority?
      You can check what trigger is fired using the "events" on the ticket.
    • Can you add another user to the group to test if the email problem is just with that one user?
    • Is the requester on the ticket also the (only) user in the group? If I am not mistaken, email is not sent to a specific group member or follower if that user is also the requester. (or the one that made the last comment to trigger the mail) 


  • Hines, RJ

    Good afternoon Madalina,

    Adding to what Frits already posted - I was having the same problem until I separated the process into two triggers: One to set the Priority to Urgent, the other to send a notification when a ticket matching the criteria came in. 

    Our company separated out all of our triggers into the Set/Assign/Notify categories, and each trigger only performs one type of action. This was extremely helpful, because then we can re-use some triggers. I found to be a very useful resource for this.


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