Reordering and sorting triggers

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  • Bora


    I have 2 triggers that are set to automate first responses, both are set to send when Status = New. I need the one Trigger to activate only if the 1st does not. I've repositioned them as directed here, but the 2nd trigger continues to send it's message before the 1st one does.  

    The first trigger is making an API call before making it's public comment, which may explain why the 2nd one is beating it to the punch. But I still only want the 2nd Trigger to activate if the 1st trigger sends nothing.

    I've added a tag to the 1st trigger and included a condition that tag =/= that tag in the 2nd trigger to prevent double messaging, but it's not working and the 2nd trigger continues to act first. Please help. 

    Thank you, 





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