Sell app: Log Visit - official feature request thread


  • Hi Prateek,

    I'm missing functionality in the feature. I have spoken to a developer and this be an easy update. My customer is looking to get a process in the way that their sales team (over 60) logs visits and the way. Currently when logging a visit, it's just a basic alinea field. They want them to fill in different things, depending on the sort of meeting/the season.

    This should be done by giving the admin the ability to create some kind of form, or forms, which the end-user can select. In this way, they can streamline the process of on-site visits. You can look at it as customer forms as you have in Zendesk Support.

  • Livestock Nutrition Center

    Please add the ability to @ mention someone to the log a visit. It doesn't give the autofill list to help choose the right people.

  • J. Baker

    Prateek Chhetri It would be great if the Visit Outcome could be retrievable somewhere beyond a smart view. While the Activity Visit Report is ok, it doesn't allow you to leverage the customizable outcomes and create a report. 

    For instance I want visits to promote a specific product launch. I want to log the outcome as a custom 'Product Introduction', while the stock report I can filter but I can not see who was seen. Any Smart List only allows you to see Last Visited which doesn't allow you to collect this visit information. Not all visits specifically turn into a deal. Even looking in explore I can not gain access to the outcomes.

    This would be very helpful!



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